The Stuff Of Summer Dreams

 photo wave6284_zpsdb5cd7f3.jpg
 photo wave6286_zps635a4b1c.jpg
Arches;  Stone Goddess with a broken hand
 photo wave6298_zpscc560702.jpg
Jacaranda towers above
 photo wave6299_zps73d7eee6.jpg
Roses at her feet
 photo wave6308_zps34fb2acf.jpg
Jacaranda towers above
 photo wave6312_zps990e6ff5.jpg
Lavenders, Boxed in
 photo wave6313_zpsca94bb5b.jpg
Fat yellow roses
 photo wave6318_zpsef0d0bbd.jpg
Arches velvety with Cypress
 photo wave6323_zpsfd85731f.jpg
The lady in blue waves...
 photo wave6315_zps019b9bb6.jpg
To me, or to the Stone Goddess with the broken hand? 

The perfume of the lavenders, the sun on the roses; gardens are the stuff of summer dreams.


  1. What a beauty! The doorway, the Jacaranda (too cold for here), the Cypress arches, it all looks gorgeous.

    1. It was a great pleasure to visit. I was very lucky.

  2. Absolutely beautiful! That's your house, right? :-)

  3. What a dreamy place...with just a hint of spikiness in the pot to the left of the stone goddess. Perfection!

    1. Yes, it is. At one point I did see a weed, but that was it.

  4. I'd love to live in a place like that, sigh....
    My parents have a jacaranda in their garden, but they live in Southern Spain, not in chilly Britain! Thanks for the tour, I enjoyed it!

  5. I still melt every time I see a Jacaranda in bloom despite the mess I know they make. I dream of having a garden large enough for the Jacaranda to do its thing without having to worry about what the fallen blossoms will do to the finish on my or visitor's cars, the pavement, etc.

    1. They reseed a lot, too, besides getting huge. I love them in other people's yards.

  6. Beautiful but too formal and linear for me. But I'll take the jacaranda and the rose in a hot minute. :o)

  7. Oh to live someplace where Jacarandas grow, sigh.


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