A Few More Photos From the Nichols Garden

A few more photos from that marvelous garden in yesterday's post.  Can you blame me?
Tillandsias tucked into the crevices of a Phoenix canariensis:
Nix photo nix7668_zpsa3d48a19.jpg
Rounded shrubs contrasting with spiky clumps:
Nix photo nix7802_zpsfa8fdbf3.jpg
Bromeliads in a pipe.  Jeeze-Loueeze, even the shadows look great:
Nix photo nix7695_zps2f00dd30.jpg
Hard metal, soft foliage:
Nix photo nix7697_zps72cbdb2d.jpg
Agave attenuata and Aloe polyphylla in a sea of non-weed bronze Oxalis:
Nix photo nix7662_zpsc2ff0d7f.jpg
Entrance way plants, both draping and shooting skyward:
Nix photo nix7690_zpsc3cc03b3.jpg
Yellow Leucospermum flower there behind the light:
Nix photo nix7696_zps70f40baf.jpg
Kalanchloe beharensis in a sea of yellow:
Nix photo nix7671_zpsf8ec09d7.jpg
Another of those little touches of plant love, a Tillandsia tied to the gate, which was crafted of rusty rebar arcs:
Nix photo nix7685_zps0d02697a.jpg
Exotic vine (I think...) Fuchsia boliviensis 'Alba' (Thanks, Max!)
Nix photo nix7692_zps308a5036.jpg
The plants that screened the stairway garden from the adjacent property was a mix of hedge and trees trimmed almost into a trellis, upon which other plants could climb, or be attached to.  There was something interesting going on absolutely everywhere. 
Nix photo nix7699_zpsbc019dbb.jpg
Nix photo nix7666_zps4c1677b5.jpg
One of the pools by the stairway:
Nix photo nix7709_zpsea87ce8b.jpg

Nix photo nix7714_zpsab43585a.jpg
Succulent bowl with two different types of Echeveria:
Nix photo nix7767_zps68de77e8.jpg
Happy happy Cannas, a clump on either side of the path up the terraces to the weeping Sequoia arches.  Update:  the Fling website said "Sequoia", but--Sequoias have needles, and the arches did not.  I'll look into what that conifer could be.
Nix photo nix7749_zpsf2ff9419.jpg

Nix photo nix7763_zps5fedcf98.jpg
On a grey cold day, these colors would warm up anyone.
Nix photo nix7777_zpsd4647e8e.jpg
The rusty metal agreed so nicely with the warm colored foliage and flowers.
Nix photo nix7776_zps249b1f88.jpg

Nix photo nix7784_zps7047a91a.jpg
Cool dahlia!
Nix photo nix7752_zps7267e2ba.jpg
White and white...
Nix photo nix7718_zpse44637df.jpg
By no means a large garden, yet you can see from the photos how much amazing stuff there was to look at, packed into a small space that didn't feel crowded.
Nix photo nix7739_zps00fada96.jpg
An 'Icee Blue' Podocarpus with a 'Forest Pansy' Redbud by one corner of the home.
Nix photo nix7733_zps22163a3a.jpg
And that Tillandsia-adorned palm again.
Nix photo nix7688_zpsb4bb4320.jpg
Agave bracteosa at the center:
Nix photo nix7787_zps00223e04.jpg
More and more and more!
Nix photo nix7796_zpsbdf8d293.jpg
Okay, I'm done, I'm done.



  1. Thanks for more images of this exceptional garden; I can't get enough! Such a beautiful place! Does canna foliage remain intact in warm winter climates like yours? I kept trying to envision the view of the back garden sans cannas in winter and just realized that they probably persist year round.

    1. I don't grow them so can't say for sure, but from looking around the neighborhood here, I think a good part of the foliage dies, leaving a smaller, somewhat ratty plant for a few months. Probably a bit rattier in the Bay area, it being slightly colder.

  2. Oh, I loved this second post! I was kind of worried that I was obsessing about this garden, but I see I'm not alone. I love that shot of the Heleniums with the Alstroemeria. And the Cannas!

    1. I felt the same way! So much to learn from this garden to try to apply to my own.

  3. My garden wants to look like that when it grows up. I think the "exotic vine" is one of my very favorite fuchsias, Fuchsia boliviana 'Alba', They get very tall and gangly, hence the vine-like appearance.
    Max P.

    1. My garden wants to look like that too. It's the gardener that's the holdup. Thanks very much for the ID of the Fuchsia, but darn it, now I want one, too! Grrrr! ;^)

  4. This garden is so beautiful, thank you for sharing all of these images of this vast array of plants, flowers and colours, a feast for the senses...I can almost hear the water bubbling in those ponds.
    xoxoxo ♡

    1. Happy you enjoyed it, Dianne! Thank you.

  5. BEAUTIFUL!!! I looove that Tillandsia-adorned palm!

    1. Me, too. It made me want a palm so I could adorn it.


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