Balcony Progress

I now understand why I was so reluctant to do something to the balcony.  It involves carrying heavy stuff up and down the stairs.  All the heavy stuff must be put in a big bag so the stairs don't get dirty.
I painted a pot I was going to throw out because it looked bad.  I painted it "Oiled Bronze".  (The one on the right, and this is the "after".)
brown-blue photo blue8342_zpsffc50dd8.jpg
I like the dark color.  Remember this is sunny Southern California, bright glaring light.  A spot of darkness is soothing to us here.  It's something we can look at without sunglasses.  

The moon last night created the same brown/blue combination:
brown-blue photo moon8273_zps3f9d6a3b.jpg
I like terra-cotta, but the house already has a lot of terra cotta. 
brown-blue photo blue8337_zps3885c307.jpg 
I like the dark sweet potato vine foliage matching the dark pot. 
brown-blue photo blue8340_zps2a832529.jpg
The combination in an Agave leaf:
brown-blue photo blue8323_zps620c9e35.jpg
Created by a full moon:
brown-blue photo moon8277_zpsaca6f346.jpg 


  1. Beautiful skies, such a lucky coincidence that the colourcombinations are like your balcony outfit.

  2. Yea! You go gardener! Heavy things up stairs...where's that mow and blow guy when you need him?

  3. Yes, you make a good point about lugging heavy plants up to a balcony. Glad my apartment / patio is ground level, as I hadn't thought of that issue. Also good on some deeper colors and no terra cotta...can't wait to see what you do...or what I do once done with the inside.

  4. Oh you did a great job on that pot, I love the oiled bronze color too. Funny how we here in the PNW have the opposite problem, we crave bright things because we spend so much time in the dark and gloom.


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