Fling Visit to the Dudan Garden

dudan photo dun7599_zps337a2802.jpg
With great views come great responsibility.
Agastasche Caryopteris flowers reflects the blue of the sky...
dudan photo dun7602_zpscb732968.jpg
Native plants with golden flowers link to the tawny hills...
dudan photo dun7606_zps45d36adc.jpg
Any garden designer, faced with such a beautiful vista as backdrop, must complement such a vista, not interfere with it, or hide it.  The designer must add an appropriate foreground, and let the views take first place.
The next Fling garden visit, to a garden in Walnut Creek, was quite successful in adding a foreground to complement the background.  
dudan photo dun7615_zpsa9d8da6f.jpg
Horizontal lines created by low walls and low plantings swept in curves around the hill top property and around a low ranch house.
dudan photo dun7635_zpsab3a9b35.jpg
Smaller native and Mediterranean shrubs provided modest screening where it was needed.  
dudan photo dun7630_zpsc2626008.jpg
A muted color scheme worked.  Garish neon shades would have been out of place.  The brightest note was a soft magenta in the Anigozanthos...
dudan photo dun7609_zps7aaeb41c.jpg
...but the main colors were soft yellows, golds, oranges, and brick.
The delicate orange and yellow of a variegated Abutilon.
dudan photo dun7638_zpsa52fca18.jpg
A soft peachy Lily. 
dudan photo lily7608_zpsc3c8864b.jpg
Another restrained orange.  
dudan photo dun7627_zps48bfc44b.jpg

dudan photo dun7626_zps99b9227e.jpg 
Just a touch of white...
dudan photo dun7631_zpsb5d4232e.jpg
A brick red rather than a crimson Lily.
dudan photo dun7648_zpsdde0d6cc.jpg
The brick echoed in Asclepias:
dudan photo dun7640_zps7e755cc5.jpg
Warm reds and yellows repeated through many different flower shapes and sizes, and even in the fruit upon a tree.
dudan photo dun7654_zps5c7d60c6.jpg
Yellows and reds even in foliage.
 dudan photo dun7653_zps0de16f77.jpg 
This unity of color made for a peaceful garden experience.
dudan photo dun7651_zps7635fe01.jpg

dudan photo ruth7487_zpsac9ae50b.jpg
 The garden put us into a relaxed and happy mood.  It was hard to leave.
dudan photo dun7619_zps6bdd7b6e.jpg 

 The designers--homeowners and professionals working in collaboration, surely honored the quintessential California view by creating a beautiful environment in which to sit and enjoy it. 
dudan photo dun7600_zps94ddb21b.jpg


  1. Beautiful! I want that chair! Also, I want lizards in my garden!

    (I think the first photo is Caryopteris, not Agastache)

    1. Corrected, thanks. I sort of thought it might be Caryopteris.

      Chair?!? I want that view!

  2. I enjoyed this garden. The view was breathtaking. I agree that the garden's vibe was very tranquil. Great shots.

    1. Everyone seemed to want to linger. I really enjoyed that garden, too.

  3. Nicely done Hoov, I loved this garden and had not considered the color angle intellectually, though I think it was certainly a gut instinct.

    1. Thanks! It came to me looking at the photos. Snapping a bucket load of pictures seems to be good for something.

  4. What a beautiful view and the choice of plants is wonderful, enhancing the colours of the landscape.
    xoxoxo ♡

  5. What a great take on this garden! I haven't looked at my photos yet but it seemed a difficult one to capture, you did that and then some.

    1. I just loved the view, for some reason it made me feel right at home.

  6. An interesting concept, to plan one's flower colors to coordinate with the view and background. It really works in that setting. The dried grass looks quite golden. I have lots of cedar, bamboo, and fruit tree green so get to indulge in bright colors- pinks, reds, peaches, purples, yellows.

    1. I appreciated the subtle shades and tints in this one. I also thought it worked very well.

  7. No way for me to choose a favorite few gardens on the fling, but you captured the distant oak-studded Calif. view so well, that about said it all for me. My kind of place! The colors all working together is something I hadn't noticed, as is typical for me first visit. The temperature and a few of the plants there reminded me of my home!

    1. It was hot--I took all my photos from the shade. If a shot required standing in the sun, it didn't get taken. I enjoyed all the gardens; the organizers did a good job of finding different styles, and they were all interesting.


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