Gaia On A Billowing Cloud of Life

There's a goddess in the garden, reclining on a cloud of flowers:
Kee photo kee7930_zpsb2bac55d.jpg
The last of my Fling garden visits, to an artist/garden designer's home in the San Francisco Bay area.  A modest street of modest homes.  The garden we were visiting was not the only plant-adorned home on the street.
I looked over the street because there was a bit of a visitor-jam when we first arrived.  
Kee photo kee7834_zps0bf35309.jpg
Next door:
Kee photo kee7959_zps34a6e4e6.jpg
Across the street:
Kee photo kee7837_zpsbea50b2d.jpg
The front of the Fling garden was wild with plants, color, and artwork.
Kee photo kee7833_zps2ee078ac.jpg
The driveway was full of stuff you'd expect to see at the home of a garden designer.
Kee photo kee7829_zpsd79fbd51.jpg  

Kee photo kee7843_zps104a6396.jpg 
Out front there was also a horrifically hacked Liquidambar tree--I would have loved to know the story on that.
Kee photo kee7836_zpsce7ed0c8.jpg
All the bright colors were what struck me first.
Kee photo kee7845_zpsa7951a9a.jpg
The house was as bright as the flowers.
Kee photo kee7846_zps1e905a54.jpg

Kee photo kee7849_zpscbc4ada8.jpg
The level of detail in the garden was high.  It created an effect like needlepoint.  Looking at the photos long after I left the garden, I saw so many things I missed in person.
 photo kee7881_zps64c0aae6.jpg
The garden might have appeared haphazard, but it wasn't.  A large ornamental banana created an anchor as a balance to the Goddess statue.
 photo kee7886_zpsb84806ec.jpg
Design and balance were there--they had to be to balance out all the color.
 photo kee7887_zps56d561b9.jpg

 photo kee7917_zps15938b63.jpg
 Plants could admire themselves in window glass reflections.
 photo kee7888_zpsf948febc.jpg 
This added another dimension of wonder--Alices everywhere, considering looking-glasses.
 photo kee7898_zpsbe727d6f.jpg 
And not just the plants.  We were all Alice, out of our ordinary world.
 photo kee7890_zpsbaa2cb11.jpg

Kee photo kee7931_zps308b2044.jpg    

The Yellow-And-Purple Corner, at one side of the homeowner's studio, heavily shaded.  The plutonium-yellow paint lit up the area:
 photo kee7908_zps0663ab08.jpg 

 photo kee7906_zpsf34ecf70.jpg

 photo kee7894_zps49abf601.jpg
In the Yellow-And-Purple Corner, this visitor fit right in:
Kee photo kee7940_zpsa81bbe20.jpg
 Colors, colors everywhere...
 photo kee7879_zpsbe504ef2.jpg
...but not random.  Colors were carefully grouped to create effects.
 photo kee7871_zpsba59929c.jpg
Bright, yes--but carefully, if boldly, placed.
 photo kee7864_zpsb9aab9e9.jpg   

 photo kee7860_zps24ac67de.jpg
Beyond all the color, to me it seemed a very feminine garden, enveloping, embracing the visitor.  How could one not be joyful?   
 photo kee7859_zps045d4550.jpg
 A weeping conifer (Cupressus macrocarpa 'Conybearii Aurea', possibly) seemed to raise arm-like branches in greeting.
 photo kee7862_zps3995bfc7.jpg  
The homeowner's artwork was everywhere.  I liked the glass table etched with plates and cups and fruit. photo kee7857_zps075645c9.jpg

 photo kee7856_zps1f3ab345.jpg
Flowers were a constant motif in the art.
 photo kee7901_zps87e20f39.jpg
An archway of cast Brugmansia flowers.
Kee photo kee7923_zpsdda92fd6.jpg  
An elaborate arch as gateway
 photo kee7855_zpse299cd67.jpg
There was a crayon sculpture in the parkway strip--ironically, it was beige, the only beige to be seen.
Kee photo kee7841_zps5b2c101d.jpg 
 I liked the chairs on the studio roof.
Kee photo kee7928_zps0e316b37.jpg
Lillies look down at the colorful pavement:Kee photo kee7939_zps131b7496.jpg

By this point in the Fling, I felt like this:
Kee photo kee7937_zpse4b0cda0.jpg
However, the zest and joy of this garden revived me, and made me feel like Gaia on a billowing cloud of life. 

And that was my Fling adventure. More posts from other bloggers, and more information on the Fling at the link.
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  1. There is a lot going on here -- I like it! What is the artist's name? I'd love to check our more of her work.

    1. Good catch Alan, I updated the post to put links to the artists web site and to the garden fling website. They are in bold print.

  2. Haha, it looks like an interesting, adventurous garden full of colours and ornaments. Nice to watch it, but afterwards closing my eyes to have a rest.

    1. Yes, after the garden, a big hedge of plain green shrubbery looked beautiful!

  3. This is a wonderfully thoughtful post about a garden that I have to admit overwhelmed me to the point of tune-out. I felt much like you did at this point and like that piece of art depicts. There's lots I didn't realize, it did feel too chaotic to me. And...well...I just didn't particularly like the artwork.

  4. You photographed a lot of cool stuff in this living collage of a garden! So much to see! I think that Boris and Natasha would look perfect in this setting, providing a nice infusion of white to this colorful place!

  5. Wow, the color, the color! I love it all especially the cast brugmansia arch.

  6. Nicely done Hoov. Keeylas garden is pretty hectic, but I like how you refined the views in your photos. I have a couple hundred photos taken there over a few visits, and these is so much going on it can be hard to focus.

  7. Such a very creative garden.

    1. Kind of a monument to creativity itself!


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