Lurching Towards A Prettier Balcony

I'm working, finally, at making the balcony look decent.  I decided on a very strict color scheme of white, blue, green, and dark brown.  What is more fresh and soothing than the combination of blue, green, and white?  
Balcony photo balc8281_zpsd0cb0667.jpg
 I bought a couple of pots and a couple of plants:  an inexpensive sweet potato vine for its brown color, and a climbing 'Iceberg' for the new trellis.
Balcony photo balc8284_zps0924e61c.jpg
I finally decided on the rose after a lot of thought about other options.  The deciding factor was that I know how 'Iceberg' should look--if it starts to look poorly and tired in its pot, I can do things to make it happy.  With other plants, I would be uncertain if they were thriving or malingering.  
Balcony photo balc8282_zps3465d74a.jpg

I'm pushing myself to try painting some of the terra-cotta colored pots up there already either blue or dark brown.  I got the plastic paint.  It's ready to try.
Balcony photo balc8285_zps175f59a2.jpg
I'm not sure if I'll use these bin planters or not.  I'll probably put Agaves in there if I do--there are three more of the blue and white (well close enough) A. americana 'Medio-picta Alba' waiting for a home:
Balcony photo balc8286_zpsbced1e6e.jpg 
Of course there are always distractions.  An emergency project--I discovered nut sedge in the little lawnlet, so the whole area had to be dug out to try to eliminate this noxious invader.  
Balcony photo balc8293_zps7ab3d979.jpg
Digging out the little lawn would have taken me a week;  my mow-blow guy did it in less than ten minutes.  Now the turf and weeds sit drying out so I can trash them.  Moist, the pile weighs at least 200 lbs.  Dried out, maybe 20 lbs. 
Balcony photo balc8294_zpscf14be69.jpg
While on the balcony I kludged up a hanger for the bat house--good enough for this summer--but a better solution is required.  Now we'll be watching for bats at sunset. 
Balcony photo balc8303_zps5da9e532.jpg 
Another rose seedling has bloomed: this one a child of 'Renae'.  It's a white version of pink 'Renae'.  Ain't it cute? 
Balcony photo whiteRenae8305_zps5363cb55.jpg
To end, the pretty foliage of Leucadendron linifolium.
Balcony photo leucadendron8312_zpse09d1fa1.jpg


  1. Love the blue pot with the rose in it. Nice! Looking forward to seeing the new and improved balcony

    1. Thanks, I hope I can manage to make it look good.

  2. At least you won't have bats in your belfry! Wow, what a fun balcony project you've undertaken. I'm sure that it, like everything you do, will look marvelous when you're finished!

  3. Whoa. Is that an enormous Echeveria next to that tiny rose? Or is the rose just really really tiny? It's like the old TV show Land of the Giants.

    Love your blue pot. The rose looks good in it. I like blue with terra cotta, though. I'd leave them plain.

    1. That's a very happy Dudleya of unknown species. Does kind of remind me of LotG, funny!

      The Terra cotta color of blends into the tiles too much--I'm going to try one pot, a cruddy one that needs painting anyway, and see how it looks.

  4. I like the color choices you decided on for your balcony and the bat house is a neat addition. I think my wife would serve me with divorce papers if I tried to add one of those to my property though.

    1. Somebody wanted $700 to put the bat house on a tall metal pole in the corner of the yard, ridiculous price, so my temporary solution was in the photo. Last year they were nesting in the recessed lights in the patio, which was totally too close. Now they are more out of the way. My old neighbors who have been here since the 60s said that spot was a long time roosting place for bats. There was a burnt out old tree they were using. I feel like I owe the bats some safe spot--they were here long before we were.

      Bats are voracious predators of mosquitoes...

    2. Yeah, I wouldn't mind having the bats fly around at dusk and eating some pesky mosquitoes. I actually have fond childhood memories of throwing pebbles out over the lake and watching bats dart toward them thinking it was something to eat.

      But my wife is afraid of just about anything that flies so I can't be seen helping out the enemy.

  5. I laughed when I saw your comment about the mow/blow guy completing lawn removal in 10 minutes that otherwise would have taken you a week. I have an ongoing argument with my husband about the value of having someone dig out the latest (large) patch of lawn slated for removal. After getting really hot and sweaty yesterday on a small patch yesterday (despite relatively cool weather), I think he's beginning to see it my way.

    Good luck with work on the balcony! Getting started is 1/2 the battle.

    1. It really would have taken me a week, and it really did take mow/blow guy 10 minutes.

      The balcony is a battle alright. I did get started, so am I done yet?

  6. The Iceberg rose in the blue pot is a good choice I think. Interesting that tiny seedling rose. Your balcony willbe great when finished. It's fun looking for bats at sunset, we have them too.

    1. You have bats as well! I did not realize that. We think of Europe as so urban, but it isn't completely built over, still some wild creatures live there.


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