Summer Status

Riffing off this GardenBook postat the end of July, my garden has its own issues. 

Some tasks for spring remain undone.
Riff photo riff8401_zps035868aa.jpg
Winter/Spring annuals need to be pulled.
Riff photo riff8397_zpsee078d7f.jpg
A dire need for deadheading.
Riff photo riff8400_zpsd7e86de5.jpg
A dire need for deadheading.
Riff photo riff8392_zps3b3f2f50.jpg
I suddenly realize those Gaillardias appeared from nowhere.  I didn't plant them.
Riff photo riff8393_zps0cb54077.jpg
A dire need for deadheading.
Riff photo riff8390_zps6232a839.jpg
I repeat, dire.
Riff photo riff8385_zps7cf9d324.jpg
And more on the way.
Riff photo riff8386_zpsb21e6b56.jpg
Some of the Dahlias are getting tired.
Riff photo riff8379_zps5970e41b.jpg
Other Dahlias are still going strong.
Riff photo riff8357_zps28415eb7.jpg 
The Citrus Leaf Miners have arrived.
Riff photo riff8383_zpsb6c0f5cc.jpg
Clematis are to the point when the seed heads are prettier than the flowers. 
Riff photo riff8373_zps6f2d2c0c.jpg

Riff photo riff8421_zps49990941.jpg
A gazillion tomatoes, all of them still green.
Riff photo riff8382_zpsa2fb2fbe.jpg
The perfection of spring foliage is...
Riff photo riff8369_zpsf89d0af2.jpg
...long gone.
Riff photo riff8370_zps079f3647.jpg
Still some pretty day lilys...
Riff photo riff8364_zpsf30a557b.jpg
but now there is a build up of spent stems.
Riff photo riff8368_zps1ac2acf3.jpg
Some of the spring projects have already proven successful:
Riff photo riff8348_zpse369abb3.jpg
Others, not so much.
Riff photo riff8351_zps8874a3c9.jpg
Some new plants look great!
Riff photo riff8352_zps63c9882c.jpg

Riff photo riff8420_zpsb571cf99.jpg
Who planted that?  I didn't.  Well, I did in the back, 50 yards away, two years ago.  How did it get here?
Riff photo riff8415_zps44bde24f.jpg 
That needs trimming.
Riff photo riff8419_zps5d25b65f.jpg
 The warm-weather weeds are sprouting.
Riff photo riff8431_zpsdb606cab.jpg
Monarchs are a welcome, if hungry, new visitor this year.
Riff photo riff8438_zps31ec92ce.jpg

Riff photo riff8437_zps2f25428c.jpg
Dire need of deadheading:
Riff photo riff8446_zps16fc7e6b.jpg  
 At this time of year, best to just gather a random bouquet, and get back inside, out of the heat. 
Riff photo riffbetter8451_zps765a45fc.jpg 
And ignore a dire need for deadheading...
Riff photo riff8435_zps189f61f2.jpg 
...cruddy foliage...
Riff photo riff8425_zpsabad0efb.jpg order to enjoy what really matters.
Riff photo riff8429_zps1849b72c.jpg 


  1. I really don't know how you get anything done in your heat, Hoov. Your spring project in the raised bed is very nice! I like the repetition of the colors and shapes. The project you seem to think is less of a success is not evident to me - I can't see the failure... Rest easy on your (Monarch) laurels.

    1. Well the morning is usually bearable, and after dinner right before it gets dark. The less-success just isn't there yet. Maybe next spring.

      New crop of caterpillars, the milkweed is stripped again.

  2. I'm so glad my garden is not the only one with a dire need for deadheading. And crummy foliage that's starting to crisp up. I think my garden passed its peak and I didn't notice...Bummer. I'll just sit and watch the hummers fight over it.

    1. Yes, the hummers fight over it anyway, and the butterflies float above, toasted foliage or not.

  3. I think your garden looks pretty normal for this time of year. I'm surprised with your heat you don't have ripe tomatoes yet. Mine are green too. I'm hoping to get some before Aug. 1. What are the tall wispy pink flowers planted with the Sea Lavender? I'm hoping you say Corn Cockle because I'm growing them for the first time this year and they opened their first bloom yesterday but don't have hundreds of flowers yet like Annie's Annuals claims. I like that bed, and I also like the varied leaf colors and shapes in the one you think is a failure. I have way too much work now too, I just keep plugging away. Summer's already 1/3 gone... it always goes so fast. We're having a pretty hot summer for here but not much compared to other parts of the country.

    1. The pink flowers are Cistanthe grandiflora, commonly sold as Calandrinia grandiflora or sometimes Calandrinia spectabilis, a succulent from Chile. I'm not familiar with Corn Cockle, but it looks very pretty--I looked it up.

      You are right, we must just keep plugging away at it. Summer here is milder than usual--maybe that's why the tomatoes are late.

  4. I'm with you Hoov ! I am now comforting myself by planing for next year.

  5. I definitely understand the heat issue and a reason for staying inside. However we are in the midst of a cool wave, highs in the low 80s, wow. Don't have a excuse not to deadhead, i guess.

    1. I always manage to find an excuse--just not a very good one.

  6. I spent most of yesterday cutting back and cleaning up yet left the garden feeling more than a little deflated by the volume of clean-up work still required. It was comforting to find your post, reinforcing the fact that gardens are messy. We're socked in with clouds and it's unusually cool this morning - a perfect day to work in the garden - but I think I'm taking myself to the nursery to fill some pots instead. Those I can manage (mostly) this time of year.

    1. Yes, its a bit cooler here too, what a treat, eh? It sounds like you're getting more done than me. I'm sitting wasting time on the internet. Time to get back outside.

  7. Gardens require a lot of work but the rewards are worth it, so many beautiful flowers you have. How lovely your garden box looks, the white gerbera daisy is beautiful, the gaillardia so colourful and the seed heads on the clematis are very pretty.
    xoxoxo ♡

    1. So very true--gardening is worth the effort, even when the effort seems overwhelming.


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