Sunday Miscellany, With Strippers!

Sunday photo blueup4_zps7a543c85.jpg Before:
 photo bug8038_zpse7a3a9b2.jpg
 photo blueman8074_zps5429ac9d.jpg

 photo bug8076_zps1c518d92.jpg 
 photo bug8048_zps5fb2d34d.jpg 
I bought a Milkweed (Asclepias curassavica) plant recently, and thought perhaps eventually, maybe next year, I'd see a Monarch butterfly.  I was wrong.  I saw all too many within days.  If you plant it, they will come.  
Sunday photo blueup6_zps02f21271.jpg
The butterflies will come, and leave children behind.  Lots of hungry children.  My first plant was stripped of all foliage within a couple of days, and I suddenly had a lot of Monarch children and no food for them.  I ran out for another plant.  Stripped.  And another.  Stripped.  Now another, and that will be leafless tomorrow. 
Sunday photo blueup5_zpsb1ea6230.jpg
I had no idea they'd eat so much so fast.  At $8 a plant, one plant per day, offering forage for a threatened species gets expensive.  Oh well, now I know:  plant a package of Asclepias seeds at some other time of the year to be prepared for a summer invasion.  I had no idea my plants would be instantly mobbed.  The plants wiggle at times from the caterpillars yanking at them.  They are surprisingly piggy. 

In other garden activity,  the small side flower stem of 'Blue Glow' has apparently formed some seed pods.  I gave the flowers on that stem several rounds of Manfreda pollen--did I get any crosses?  The pods should be ripe soon. 
Sunday photo blueup0_zpsb69765d8.jpg
While I considered the idea of a 'Blue Glow'/Mangave hybrid ('Blue Man Groovy'?),  Mama California Towhee gave Baby (on the right) a snack:
Sunday photo blueup1_zps1b763ef1.jpg
Crassula perfoliata var minor (aka C. falcata) prepared to bloom:
Sunday photo blueup3_zps8e042141.jpg
The Crinodendron hookerianum is improving and has produced a few flowers.  I got it last June and it seemed unhappy over our dry summer.  I moved it next to the pond, where the humidity is higher, and allowed Geranium madierense seedlings to grow around its pot, in hopes of further increasing the humidity.  It has put out new foliage and some flowers, so perhaps I'm on the right track.  Many plants like community.  Some people are like that, too. 
Sunday photo blueup2_zps639fbeac.jpg
This white lily ('Costa Mesa') is absolutely wonderful.  I'm doting on it.  
Sunday photo blueup8_zpsd262d7c5.jpg 
Several of the Clematis are producing a second round of flowers:
Sunday photo blueup7_zps8a54bd59.jpg
By now it is probably time to go get another Asclepias.  I hope for cocoons soon--perhaps then all the stripped milkweed plants will grow back some foliage.  Or so I hope.    


  1. Buying plants purely for caterpillar food, now that is dedication.

    Very exciting about the 'Blue Glow'/Mangave hybrid fingers crossed they contain viable seeds. Love the name 'Blue Man Groovy'

  2. Oh, oh, oh. A Manfreda/Blue Glow cross sounds scrumptious. I hope those pods provide as many babies as your Monarch butterflies did.

  3. I love that you were buying a plant a day!

    That's why I appreciate the swallowtails, as I can go spend $1 on parsley from the produce stand and feed them for a few days. :)

    1. Well, they would have starved otherwise. Perhaps it is silly, but I felt responsible.

  4. Uh oh. I just planted one very small asclepias.... I do hope yours will recover from the weekend mauling.

    1. Yes, watch out for butterflies! Time will tell if the plants recover. They'll need to be in bloom to help feed the butterflies that emerge.

  5. You are such a good ecologist, Hoov. Not only do you know what to plant to encourage the Monarch caterpillars, but you actually run out and get more as they devour each plant in turn. You will have a special place in Monarch heaven...

    1. The garden center loves me spending all that money, that's for sure!


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