The Ups And Downs Of Up And Down

Down and up, up and down.
 photo up8500_zpsfcd7c826.jpg

 photo up8501copy_zpsc7092aa6.jpg
 photo up8504_zpsa2fce558.jpg
up photo up8505_zps9d243a03.jpg
Back up...
aaabalcony photo aaa8523_zps2d1c711e.jpg
Out to the store, back, and then up...
 photo up8509_zps61ba3756.jpg
Aw!   Need another bag.  Tomorrow.  

Frank and honest criticism...
 photo up8503copy_zps9dece1e6.jpg
Out to the store, back, and then up...
 photo up8517_zpsa0e2be77.jpg
Aw!  Back down and back up. You forgot the cushion.
 aaabalcony photo aaa8521_zpsb6c357a7.jpg
up photo up8508_zpsbd180ad8.jpg
Breaks desired...
 photo up8513_zpsf1ad4dc9.jpg
Cleanups required...
 photo up8514_zps4f5a678c.jpg
Finally, a chance to plant!
 photo up8519_zps7a2122d7.jpg
So much effort, so little effect.
 photo up8518_zpsd7f4d38a.jpg


  1. I think it's a great effect, dog pee and all. :)

    1. I did wash the concrete off right after! Sometimes their aim is off.

  2. Ah, I never considered that there was only interior access to the balcony... now I see why you waited so long to garden up there. :) It will be worth it in the end though!

  3. Even if its just glimpses, it looks as though you're making progress with your balcony. I like the blue and brown containers - the one you painted brown looks good. Tell the puppies to stow the comments or you'll make them act as pack mules.

    1. It would be nice to get some work out of them. What they seem to be best at is looking beautiful.

  4. Effort, yes. I take it you just don't like the grouping of containers, or the plants, or...?

    1. No, I like them--just wondering if I'll ever get done, and how it will look. It's sort of fun trying to figure it all out.

  5. I like the look, but it will be even better as the plants grow bigger. I love your colorscheme and the practical way you make it happen. I could not do the up and down!

  6. The balustrade is very elegant. I like the tall blue container's glaze, it looks great with the plant and white flower.

    1. Thank you, Hannah! I like that tall container a lot too.

  7. The effort on your balcony looks great! And your dog, he is such a wise animal, how he is watching you.......


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