Where They Made The Best Of It

How to garden when you can only rent?  Pots or a very understanding landlord are the most common solutions.  What about in a city, where there is only concrete?  In that case, there's usually only a window sill.  But in San Francisco, several remarkable residents of two twenty-unit apartment buildings banded together to build an outdoor living room from a crumbling concrete slab and a single large tree.  
Not the usual garden gate:
 photo garone7137_zpsfcf7fadb.jpg
Not the usual garden path:
 photo garone7135_zps18634073.jpg
A living room:  a room that's alive, and a room for living--for parties, for a few moments in the fresh air, for friends, for plants, birds, water.  The one original Pittosporum undulatum has been joined by many new trees...Podocarpus, Citrus, Arctostaphylos, Sequoia...
 photo garone7098_zpse0edf570.jpg
All surrounded by  adjoining buildings, windows, walls...
 photo garone7093_zpsd9304fff.jpg

 photo garone7099_zps05daac7e.jpg

 photo garone7110_zpsb189e934.jpg

 photo garone7121_zps0d1184ab.jpg

 photo garone7130_zps258f37c5.jpg
Cheerfully decorated with cast-offs and donations...
 photo garone7126_zps7a26b542.jpg 

 photo garone7128_zps1f7ae780.jpg 
With playful, quirky style.
 photo garone7133_zpse0ff1bc1.jpg

 photo garone7134_zps497a35c8.jpg
Many fun parties have taken place there...
 photo garone7103_zps4b199c36.jpg
...books read...
 photo garone7111_zpseca12d95.jpg 
 ...sorrows comforted...
Back photo back7436_zpsdffff500.jpg
...joys celebrated...
 photo garone7091_zpsd5666332.jpg  
...alive and lively...
 photo garone7079_zps3583f232.jpg
 photo garone7118_zps8c618085.jpg



  1. Replies
    1. I almost wanted to rent an apartment there. Really adds to quality of life in a city.

  2. Wow, Hoov! This post captured so much I missed, while I was in my own world. Amazing how they are all renters, yet created such a great space here...giving me ideas..... Beautiful photography and contemplative commentary with each pic. And so nice to meet the one and only Hoover B.

    1. Thanks, David! Likewise happy to have met you. Wasn't the Fling fun?

  3. Oh, what a great post! You got some fabulous photos there. It was a lovely garden, wasn't it?

    1. Thank you Alison. It was a true oasis.

      (I am sorry I am so behind on comments.)

  4. An inspiring symbol of neighbourly cooperation!

    1. It was inspiring. They made something wonderful out of nothing. It was all done with love.

  5. Great shot of the butterfly! Such a cool, creative garden, San Francisco seems to abound in small hidden gardens, that ameliorate the crowded city atmosphere.

  6. Oh, Hoov, you captured the spirit and unique beauty of this garden so perfectly. It was such a lovely example of the cooperative creativity that can occur when gardeners are motivated. Just a lovely post.

  7. Wow, you really got some excellent pictures. And I didn't even notice the butterfly. Thanks for making my memory of this place much more complete. Great post!


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