2013 Inter-City Cactus & Succulent Show: On The Trophy Table

Pretty, but not a winner:
Trophy Table photo show9153_zps823ee875.jpg
The best of the best--some of the plants on the Trophy Table at this year's show.  While most everyone was mobbing the plant sale, I was inside clicking away.
Trophy Table photo show9158_zps6c03ff6c.jpg 
A Cyphostemmna, perhaps?  I didn't get a look at every label.
Trophy Table photo show9159_zps88bdb3b0.jpg 
Someone appears to know what they're doing:
Trophy Table photo show9160_zps6a26240e.jpg

Trophy Table photo showw9160_zps434e84e0.jpg
This might have been an Alluadia:
Trophy Table photo show9161_zpse6aa4c20.jpg
Some of the labels were completely out of reach, so it's not entirely my failure.  I have no idea what this is, Alluaudia dumosa.  Ain't it amazing?
Trophy Table photo show9162_zps28621f94.jpg
Best Agave of show Best novice Agave of show,  'Royal Spine', absolutely flawless.  
Trophy Table photo show9164_zps15d4c10e.jpg
Best Aloe of show, 'Reuben Shein' 
Trophy Table photo show9167_zpsa5c83396.jpg
Best..Astrophytum, I think.
Trophy Table photo show9170_zps03ca6ffa.jpg 
Trophy Table photo show9171_zpsd4e17d3b.jpg
Trophy Table photo show9173_zps2fc97e83.jpg
Trophy Table photo show9174_zps09871eed.jpg
Best Crassulaceae(?).  I think they went by botanical family.  A Dudleya:
Trophy Table photo show9175_zps98e2fb6c.jpg

 photo show9176_zps4d3188a5.jpg
Best bulb, I think.  A rather humble Eucomis among all the rarities.
 photo show9177_zps6a8e2e85.jpg
Such as this amazing Telephocactus Tephrocactus geometricus, which should also have won for "best imitation of scooped ice cream".  (Sorry for the misspelling!)
 photo show9179_zpse1bb90d5.jpg
And best imitation of wooly cinnamon rolls, or Mammilaria.
 photo show9180_zps35cf054e.jpg
Nope, no clue:
Trophy Table photo show9183_zpsf794add4.jpg
Lined up...
Trophy Table photo show9185_zps27708bfd.jpg
A photo of Best Photo, which was a rare hummingbird visiting an Agave flower cluster:
Trophy Table photo show9186_zpseb4dfb08.jpg
Petra wins yet again:
Trophy Table photo show9187_zpsa1fe4213.jpg
This Beaucarnea won for something else, but the tag noted it was pulled from a dumpster, and so gets the "Best Dumpster Dive" award, probably of all time.  Most of the large caudex had rotted out, but part of it was very alive and had sprouted three new tufts of foliage.  Yes, Petra again.  "Green thumb" would be an understatement.  
Trophy Table photo show9192_zps0d9d1cde.jpg
Best bonsai, and impressive it was--the container was only one inch (25 mm) deep.
Trophy Table photo show9188_zps5d585629.jpg
And this was "Best Any Other Genus"
Trophy Table photo show9189_zpsdcfe2de3.jpg
Surprise!  What those fragile stems were emerging from:
Trophy Table photo show9190_zps3218d054.jpg
It was labeled as
Trophy Table photo showdolichius9191_zps84629f96.jpg
However, I'm guessing Dolichos.  The show runs through tomorrow, 8/18, at the Los Angeles Arboretum.


  1. I need a Telephocactus at once.

    1. Any plant that resembles ice cream...

  2. A great selection of plants. No wonder they all won prizes.

    1. I have pictures yet to post of some of the plants that didn't win anything--yet were gorgeous! The competition was intense.

  3. We took a lot of the same photos. Did you see those NOID agaves being auctioned off? That flawless 'Royal Spine' is the reason I finally bought one. When I got it home I realized it's a ringer for my 'Little Shark.' So I googled and found this: http://www.bambooandmore.info/2012/09/agave-royal-spine-vs-little-shark.html

    1. No, didn't see the auction. Only just time to go there and back again--still have my visitors. Beautiful show, wasn't it?

  4. Your photos are wonderful! Yes, I loved the show. I found a nice 'Snow Glow' too.

  5. Do love anything like the Mamillaria and that Tephrocactus. What great, bizarre plants!


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