Days Of Daze

So much is unclear:
 photo daze9655_zps320244aa.jpg
Another visit to the doctor.  He said three more weeks of this, and I should be well.  He said to triple the dose on the pain medication and said "Buh-bye".

Triple.  Uh, no.  The current dose is quite enough for me.  Though I may be up at 4:00 am because it hurts, some measure of pain seems better than than a drug-induced daze. 
She's sharp and clear:
 photo daze9638_zpsba4717ae.jpg
Besides, being up so early means I've had time to explore the "golden hour"--the hour just after sunrise--with my camera. 
 photo daze9646_zpsbb4dd76b.jpg
The color of the light at that time is as warm as 'Brass Band':
 photo daze9635_zps6d299bfa.jpg
Even the neighbor's sad weed-trees seem beautiful.
 photo daze9629_zps8866edd9.jpg  
'Blue Glow' glows:
 photo daze9616_zps77e28eeb.jpg
Agave augustifolia, the Agave I love to hate, redeems itself:
 photo daze9604_zps78996ae9.jpg 
Hemerocallis 'Victorian Lace' goes far beyond:
 photo daze9599_zpsa1d81233.jpg 
Magic all round.
 photo daze9593_zps0446b503.jpg 

 photo daze9592_zpsbb1519dc.jpg
While I was at the worst, the Clematis started another round:
 photo daze9587_zps22fc6c56.jpg
The roses never quit:
 photo daze9585_zps4e0dff0b.jpg
I haven't checked on the 'Joe Hoak' offsets in a while.  They are looking good:
 photo daze9577_zps469f0145.jpg
 Finally, some tomatoes!
 photo daze9576_zpsb13b1a8c.jpg
At the doctor's office, while the assistant was taking the usual vitals, I thought of the garden at the golden hour.  "Wow!" said the assistant.  "Your blood pressure and heart rate are awesome!"
 photo daze9573_zpsf52906f5.jpg 
It's the garden does it.   



  1. That view of 'Blue Glow' alone would be reason to get into the garden early each morning. Wow!

    Hope it doesn't take the full 3 more weeks to recover!

  2. Yes, that's why it's one of my favs.

    I hope so too, 3 weeks is a looong time. Thanks, Alan.

  3. Sorry to hear things still painful. Beautiful photos of beautiful plants, I hope they continue to take your mind off things.

  4. How beautiful! The 'golden hour' is my very favorite time to take pictures in the gardens. Your roses are so incredibly beautiful. Wish we could grow roses like that here but sadly no matter how hard I try I can't get that kind of display here in Zone 5. Those baby agaves are looking pretty wonderful too. I remember when you harvested them. The A. 'Blue Glow' is beautiful in that light and that last rose image is something I'd like to paint. Thanks! Seriously hope you are feeling better soon.

    1. Thanks, Deanne. It is a little better today, so I'm optimistic.

  5. Oh, that 'Blue Glow'! The garden is indeed a solace in so many situations.
    I want you to feel better and have a bit of a Blue Glow yourself, Hoov. And whatever it is you have, I hope it NEVER comes back!

  6. I believe gardening provides healing opportunities in so many ways. When I mentally focus on some particularly peaceful place in my garden, I always feel better. Best wishes for recovery soon!

  7. The 'golden hour' is the best time of day as the light is beautiful and some cool air still lingers.
    Gorgeous flowers you share with us here. I do hope you will be well soon dear Hoover.
    xoxoxo ♡

  8. See that's the magical cure. Up and in the garden early and then relax and think about the beauty you've created all the rest of the day. You'll be welll in no time! (I don't mean to make light of what you're going through, only to emphasize the power of the garden to cure us).

    1. It really does help! And all the side effects are good, not bad.

  9. I hope you feel better soon. Your pictures are just breath taking! Love the dogs and fish.jd

  10. It is golden. I only get to see it once a week, as I leave for work before dawn.

    1. You are a hard working man, Greggo. How do you make time for it all?


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