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Green is a neglected color in my garden.  I walked the garden yesterday morning, and thought about green.  There's just a tiny bit of lawn...
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...which only appears lushly extravagantly green when it hasn't been mowed for several weeks.  Emerald isn't natural to California.  Our grassy hills are tawny most of the year.  Shrub and trees tend to be a deep somber green, because the climate is so sunny--foliage must stand up to constant bright heat and do so on little water.  Leaves must be tough.
Native Toyon
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Native Oak
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When we were kids, we drew trees with a green crayon, and colored all the grass green--but so many trees and shrubs are not solid, uniform green.  Magnolia grandiflora shows considerable bronze via the backs of its leaves.
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I discovered surprising beauty in the neighbor's Raphiolepsis, which is awkwardly pruned into cubes--but look at the beautiful variety of foliage colors:
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I have a great weakness for foliage that isn't green.  Silver, for example:
Green photo green8611_zps981a767b.jpg 
Or silver-bronze:
Green photo green8608_zpscfebc404.jpg
Green photo green8595_zps1f29c674.jpg
Green photo green8564_zpse2213e2b.jpg 
Green photo green8566_zps467e0045.jpg
 Anything but pure green.
Green photo green8553_zpsf63e5746.jpg
I'm missing out.  The pure simplicity of pure green...
Green photo green8551_zpsfca2c51b.jpg soothing and enchanting.  It's so alive.
Green photo green8555_zpsec0ca2fc.jpg    
 There are endless kinds of green.  Silvery or pure.
Green photo green8561_zps2568d983.jpg
 Dotted and glossy...
Green photo green8567_zps267e926a.jpg 
Green like a green apple...
Green photo green8586_zps7c338d8a.jpg
A green that is nearly blue.
Green photo green8593_zpsbba3cff9.jpg
Green photo green8594_zpsb1ab6806.jpg
Green photo green8589_zps1c46cc20.jpg
Green photo green8597_zpsedbb8edb.jpg
A mix of mid and light.
Green photo green8612_zps51508700.jpg 
Green that varies on the same plant.
Green photo green8584_zps731b9942.jpg

Green photo green8580_zpsed3ba087.jpg 
 Accented by colored stems.
Green photo green8571_zps1b1e7e9f.jpg 
Sun-bleached tips.
Green photo green8570_zpsf1529625.jpg 
Plain green is straightforward and honest. 
Green photo green8569_zps2253d9d2.jpg
I overdo it with the wild variegation.
Green photo green8539_zps89a05275.jpg
Plain green isn't really so plain.
Green photo green8548_zps32bae2d7.jpg
It can create mysterious black shadows.
Green photo green8549_zps986423e1.jpg 
It can sparkle.
Green photo green8555_zpsec0ca2fc.jpg
Be velvety.
Green photo green8544_zps0847cfa6.jpg  
Green photo green8545_zpsb5bd397f.jpg    
Green photo green8546_zps74068b7b.jpg
Alright, I'm convinced.  Green is good.  
Green photo green8526_zps92366f1b.jpg 
After my garden walk,  I went back into the house, to discover that in my long absence, the puppies had been having their own meditation about green.  Again!
Green photo green8627_zpsee34456f.jpg



  1. A beautiful talk about the greens! I love the fresh green, but the grey and blue greens belong more to your climate I think, together with the goldens, bronze and purples it looks perfect. Your puppies are fun, but my border collie of 11 sometimes does the same thing with his toys, when there is only a tiny hole in it and he sees the stuff in the toy, yes...... then he has a start to destroy.

    1. Yes the fresh green is not really normal here. If you look only at the native plants an emerald gree becomes very odd looking.

      Oh dear, still destroying at age eleven? Clever boy, keeping you busy! ;0)

  2. So many greens in all of its beautiful shades, lots of beautiful foliage in its various colours dear Hoover.
    xoxoxo ♡

    1. It all looked prettier than I expected!

  3. So is all of this green in your neighbor's garden? Seems like you would have plenty of green with all of the roses...

    Love the lime (?) photo!

    1. No, that's my garden. The roses are green, yes, but I guess I never look at the foliage!

  4. Green is beautiful in all its incarnations as your photos demonstrate so well, although I admit that there is something special about that bright emerald green version. Sadly, most of my grass lawn couldn't be remotely described as "green" right now...

    1. The guy came and mowed, so the grass here doesn't look so green anymore. I so enjoy seeing east coast blogs and UK blogs because everything is so emerald. It's a novelty. We're so used to greys and silvers and olives and tawny here.


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