Inter-City Cactus & Succulent Show 2013: Agaves

Agave photo agave9353_zps146cbefa.jpg
At least in our region, Agaves are never the stars of a Cactus/Succulent show.  They are too easy, too common, too big.  Size limitations on entries limit plants to small species and hybrids.  The Arboretum's grand and glorious A. vilmoriniana, more than six feet (2 M) wide, is the essence of Agave beauty, but there's no room for such plants at a show.
Agave photo agave9362_zps6f34b9d4.jpg
Besides that perfect 'Royal Spine' on the trophy table, the two blue ribbons in the Agave category were this ?A. gypsophila 'Ivory Curls'?, looking none too curly:
Agave photo agave9355_zps9ddb3776.jpg 
...and this pretty (?)A. utahensis var. eborispina(?), though I thought the pot color was a poor choice.
Agave photo agave9354_zpsfb2a0736.jpg 
This 'Sunglow' was part of the "A Group Of Five To Nine Plants" category:
Agave photo agave9349_zps8bda2031.jpg
A. pumila, and a victoria-reginae with some yellow variegation:
Agave photo agave9348_zpsdd7c7146.jpg
The most majestic Agave, though, was the vilmoriniana in the ground outdoors.  Nearby, another choice plant was a silvery Rose Mallee, Eucalyptus rodantha:
Agave photo agave9367_zpse885d852.jpg

Agave photo agave9372_zps5d13c435.jpg
The flowers are loaded with nectar, so it must be a hummingbird favorite.  By the Mallee was a clump of Xanthorrhoea:
 photo agave9365_zpse651e247.jpg
Across the walkway, this Macrozamia johnsonii, about 4 M tall and wide.  It gave the Agave vilmoriniana some competition in the grand and glorious category...
Agave photo agave9366_zps3dd29851.jpg did this Juniperus scopulorum 'Rependens', an apparently fair substitute for the Kashmir cypress in hotter, drier locations:
 photo agave9382_zps93bd82ce.jpg
So many plants, so little time.


  1. Replies
    1. One of the best I've seen for a long time. They gave it room to grow to its full potential.

  2. So beautiful and so many things I can't grow outdoors here.

    1. It's nice to have a look at what's out there, isn't it? You can grow so many things we can't keep alive here.

  3. I was wondering, did the Juniper smell like cat urine? I've been aroun weeping upright Junipers before and they had an awful fragrance.

    1. I didn't notice any unpleasant aroma. Next time I get there, I'll have a sniff.

  4. Not into the variegated Sago. I wonder if the black pot for the Agave utahensis was a default -safe-color? You're deserves something else. But which (if any) did you buy?

    1. Didn't buy a thing. The line was at least 75 people long, moving slooowww, in the blazing sun, with the temperature already 90F. That's what it takes to keep me from buying more plants.

      Perhaps the exhibitor didn't have a better pot on hand, and the plant was beautiful anyway. Some winners were in black plastic nursery pots (albeit clean, new ones).


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