Just A Clematis

A week of cooler-than-normal weather has prompted me to abandon gardening for a few days in order to paint the exterior trim on the house.  I hated the old orange color and am happy to get rid of it, but the orange was my fault, so I can't whine.
Green photo green8628_zps5ee9aef7.jpg
The new color is about two shades too dark, but I got the paint for free.  The next door neighbors had their trim painted recently, and I happened to witness a loud discussion about a miscommunication about paint color between the neighbors and the painting contractor.  The painting contractor ended up with four gallons of a brown he couldn't use.  He couldn't return it, and he would have to pay to dispose of it.   
I was fixing drip irrigation on the front slope at the time, heard the conversation (I couldn't avoid it) and politely asked the contractor if he wanted to give me the unwanted paint.  He did.  
Green photo green8632_zps3ac1c45f.jpg
So I've been painting.   Happily, painting ended up enabling me to garden anyway, because I had to do some deadheading and clean up to gain good access to the windows. 

Therefore with little time for blogging, today is just a Clematis 'Rhapsody', and a partially painted house.  
Clematis 'Rhapsody' photo Clem8579_zpsb67c5884.jpg   
 And a Hymnocallis.
aaa photo green8574_zps81fafde6.jpg
And an 'Eyeconic Pomagranate Lemonade' rose, which is a great little plant so far.  Bloom-bloom-bloom.
aaa photo color8215_zps2a352747.jpg
 And Crassula perfoliata var. minor, aka Crassula falcata.  
aaa photo chrys8197_zpsd90cb94c.jpg 
In blogging as in plant-shopping, one plant rarely enough. 


  1. I like the new color! Dark colors are often risky, but sometimes they really surprise. Can't argue with the price either!

    Thanks for posting the image of the Hymnocallis. I just yesterday saw a photo of this plant's bloom on another blog and wondered how I would ID it. :)

    1. There's quite a few species of Hymnocallis, all a bit different. I have yet to identify the species of mine, but it's tough as nails--great plant.

  2. The trim looks very nice. Our weather has cooled down considerably from what it was so I will try to get to a few garden chores. The color of the clematis is beautiful. I did not know about Hymenocallis, but I like the looks of it. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Isn't a stretch of cool summer weather wonderful? With the long days, we can get so much done outside.

  3. Lovely blue purple on the Clematis, I like the magenta shading on the edges. Hymenocallis always makes me think of a white version of Bat Flower.
    Really unusual shading on the rose. The Crassula flowers are lovely, they remind me of my latest Achillea, 'cassis', which I hope will not fade like my other red Achillea. Your paint job looks great, the people that like houses to be painted neutral colors will be happy. And who can beat free?

    1. Well the orange exactly matched the color of the tile roof, so it didn't annoy any neighbors. Achillea, I've often thought about trying one or two, but haven't gotten to them yet.

  4. I like the new color and I envy you those casement windows (ours are the "double hung" kind, though they only go up from the bottom. And they're white vinyl - yuk.)
    I absolutely see the naming of the 'Eyeconic Pomegranate Lemonade 'rose - it is exactly like that!

    1. There is something to be said for white vinyl--no painting! But yes the windows are great, they open wide. Helps on a cool evening after a hot day.

  5. Gorgeous flowers and the new paint colour looks very nice.
    xoxoxo ♡


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