The Plants Of Legoland (Part 2)

The spiders grow big down San Diego way...
Legoland Spider photo lego9122_zpse751b097.jpg
Non-Lego bugs were normal-sized:
Legoland Dragonflies photo lego8976_zps5bfce01f.jpg
Not all that many succulents--perhaps for safety reasons.  An Agave geminiflora in bloom.  A. geminiflora is so named because the flowers are paired.  Look closely to see the twinned flowers:
Legoland Agave geminiflora photo lego9112_zpsdabb89d6.jpg
Bathroom humor:
photo lego9106_zps9fb5ee6d.jpg
Is that Cycas horribly chlorotic?  It looks great with the Bromillead.
Legoland Bromilliad photo lego9103_zps4c9e83a4.jpg
Plumerias, unfortunately not close enough to sniff.
photo lego9102_zps58899a1d.jpg 
Aloe barbarae--no frost problems in Carlsbad.
Legoland Aloe barberae photo lego9077_zpsecdbae11.jpg
A weeping conifer of some sort.  
photo lego9070_zps6ca9347f.jpg
Foliage in soothing but not boring combinations
Legoland Foliage photo lego9068_zps34714313.jpg 

Legoland Foliage photo lego9066_zpsf9756735.jpg
A young Podocarpus gracilior in all its billowy glory.  I love these trees, but they get very, very large.  
Legoland Podocarpus photo lego9064_zps7553386f.jpg
Yes, of course a group of 'Iceberg' roses.
Legoland 'Iceberg' photo lego9060_zpsb6b696d3.jpg
The faces cut into these rocks were charming.  Somewhere a speaker was softly playing "We Will Rock You". 
Legoland We Will Rock You photo lego9055_zpsae7611df.jpg

Legoland We Will Rock You photo lego9054_zpsfd7ccaab.jpg
Happy Fuchsia:
Legoland Foliage with Fuchsia photo lego9053_zpse2a5d2a1.jpg

photo lego9050_zps88b0e17b.jpg
Dipladenia in a basket with Sedum 'Angelina':
Legoland Basket photo lego9046_zps05419d5a.jpg
One of the eateries had a vertical herb garden made from 4" pipe slowly zig-zagging downwards. 
Legoland Vertical Herb Garden photo lego9045_zpscaef6034.jpg
A pump sent hydroponic fluid up to the top of the pipe structure and gravity returned the fluid to the pump box.
Legoland Vertical Herb Garden photo legoo9044_zpsb5191f40.jpg
Lifting out a pot showed a small stream of fluid flowing down the pipe.  The plant's roots were long and trailed in the fluid. 
Legoland Vertical Herb Garden photo lego9043_zps2de09f71.jpg
Basil and Chives.
Legoland Vertical Herb Garden photo lego9041_zps2279003f.jpg
Begonias do so well in the San Diego area:
photo lego9040_zps148bf91f.jpg
Against a backdrop of Podocarpus, Yucca, Dracaena draco, and red Pennisetum grass:
Legoland Yuccas photo lego9037_zps4f2eeec7.jpg
A Restio here and there.
Legoland Chondropetalum photo lego9017_zpsa47ac8c6.jpg
Owl family, Lego version:
Legoland Owl photo lego9007_zpsfe813ea1.jpg 
Butterfly, Mother Nature's version:
Legoland Butterfly photo lego9006_zps42449cde.jpg
Duranta erecta:
Legoland Duranta photo lego9002_zps5cf03154.jpg
I think this was the dwarf Ginkgo, 'Jade Butterflies'.  It lacked the grace of the full-sized version--was that the plant's true habit, or the way it was pruned?
photo lego9001_zpsd2aaf185.jpg 
The color still looked good on Cercis 'Forest Pansy' even in mid-August.
Legoland Cercis photo lego9000_zps5536060d.jpg
Buddleia of some sort. 
Legoland Buddlea photo lego8994_zps8e8303e0.jpg
Winston Churchill, for some reason.  He was better rendered in Lego than Beethovan, who was across the path. 
Legoland Churchill photo lego8993_zps2fc660a6.jpg
I love the fine texture of a sheared Italian Cypress, though I'm not about to shear mine. 
Legoland Cypress photo lego8992_zps4cd744f8.jpg
photo lego8991_zpsd6216d57.jpg
Another beautiful weeping conifer I don't know:
Legoland Conifer photo lego8988_zps2ca0595b.jpg
The sea monster from Star Wars Episode I:
Legoland Episode I Sea Monster photo lego8982_zpsfb212ea0.jpg
Agapanthus still blooming.  Those in our neighborhood were done six weeks ago.
Legoland Agapanthus photo lego8981_zpsde5da2bb.jpg
On the other hand, the Abelias here are about in the same state as my own:
Legoland photo lego8980_zpsb3d2e0aa.jpg 
Legoland San Francisco has a different backdrop than the real version:
Legoland San Francisco photo lego8979_zps823157e9.jpg
Dwarfed Chinese Elm as street-tree:
Legoland Bonsai Elm photo lego8974_zpsac53b317.jpg
A group of gardeners were pulling spotted Spurge out of the Irish Moss.  I complemented them on their work.
Legoland Gardening photo lego8973_zps6c915de5.jpg
A Cotoneaster sheared into an undulating edge for the miniature Lego cities. 
photo lego8972_zps16afab4b.jpg
In the very early morning, the place must be alive with birds.
Legoland Phoebe photo lego8963_zps9768ed76.jpg
Zephyranthes (candida?):
Legoland Zephranthes photo lego8954_zpsc1074446.jpg
Legoland Hibiscus photo lego8952_zps74f5718e.jpg
What I particularly enjoyed was the level of care the landscape plants were getting.  Almost every plant appeared to be thriving, and those that were pruned were correctly pruned, not hacked or butchered.  It was a pleasure to see.  Legoland is not an inexpensive place to visit--at least some of the money is going to maintain what is truly a fine garden. 


  1. As usual, your photos are amazing. I hope you're having a great summer.

  2. Before I had read this post I thought that spider was your dog's toy, but it is Legoland, haha. They have a nice collection of plants, I see the beautiful Plumeria and the Dipladenia. Must have been a nice day. I never saw before such a funny toiletsigns.

  3. Wonderful photos, I lived in San Diego for 20 years so I miss the tropical plants there. Your dragonfly photo is great, they are so funny the way their heads look like they are wearing pilot's helmets and goggles, and have a little smile painted on. The colors of the pair are interesting, too, and the poses. I wish I had a staff of gardeners to take care of my weeds.LOL

  4. What kind of grass are the carved rocks setting in?

    1. Festuca rubra. Sometimes used here on slopes as a grass left unmowed.

  5. Great article, could you update the photos? They all say “this photo is currently unavailable”.

    1. Would love to but at this point after an hour of searching, can't find them. Sorry! Will keep looking...


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