The Second Echinopsis Bloom

opsis photo opsis8681_zps4d62382d.jpg
The second Echinopsis bloom, because I missed the first one.  The flowers open only for a day or two. 
opsis photo opsis8686_zps690f0c1e.jpg
This is an inexpensive small seedling I got in Tucson last October, species or hybrid unknown. The flower is as wide as the plant, about three inches (76 mm).  Those fuzzy black protrusions are flower buds, as yet unopened.  
opsis photo opsis8690_zps14af4167.jpg
The flower has a sweet fresh fragrance, somewhere between a Magnolia and a Lily.  
opsis photo opsis8691_zps44a0c5d0.jpg
In the same color range, but not nearly as sweet smelling (bath time!) is Natasha...
opsis photo opsis8674_zps403c0435.jpg   
...and Boris, who is in the space under the desk in the kitchen.  We call it his Man Cave.
 photo opsis8672_zps8c5d2315.jpg
Blogging will be spotty for the two weeks or so, because we will be entertaining house guests.  If I see any interesting plants, I will post a photo or two, if I can.


  1. It is a beautiful bloom, so too are Boris and Natasha...enjoy the time with your house guests.
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. Lovely cactus flower, but I adore your puppies, I think it's great fun with them. Have a nice time with your guests.!

  3. It makes me think of the bloom on my Ric Rac Orchid Cactus. They don't last long either. Beautiful, and they smell wonderful.

  4. Lovely flowers and of course Boris and Natasha are looking pretty blooming good too! Hope you enjoy your house guests!

  5. What a beautiful flower for such a weird looking plant. :o)


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