Variegated Cycas Revoluta, And So On.

A variegated Cycas revoluta.  Oh my!
 photo floored9330_zpsf3325757.jpg
Show plants that floored me.  There are so many amazing plants in the world, we can never cease being amazed.
A crested...something.  It looks like a green rabbit that's been run over by a truck.
 photo floor9341_zpsef37b4f3.jpg
 Haworthia cymbiformis, just green enough to live:
 photo floor9333_zpsd68e8761.jpg 
Normal and its variant:
 photo floor9332_zps5b4859c6.jpg
Looky that!
 photo floor9329_zps9eb47912.jpg  
A crested Alluadia procera there on the left:
 photo floor9326_zps34be72e0.jpg
Crassula imitating a volcano:
 photo floor9303_zpsfaed39bf.jpg
An Aloe fimbralis.  Yes, that's an Aloe.
 photo floorAloefimbralis9287_zps29e74cbb.jpg

 photo floor9284_zps25f57001.jpg

 photo floor9281_zps68421bd2.jpg 

 photo floor9277_zps56780006.jpg

 photo floor9257_zps9324070e.jpg

 photo floor9252_zps709b2d1b.jpg 
A Bromeliad labeled something like "Galactic Warrior Seedling #3".
 photo shooh9200_zps9b57f52e.jpg
And one last amazement--a rose looking this good on a hot day in August.
 photo agave9437_zps1e45318b.jpg 
Plants--we need never be jaded! 


  1. OH my!!!! wonderful, wonderful plants!

  2. So many amazing plant shapes, textures and colours; love the Cycas revoluta and the roses are beautiful.
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. "a green rabbit that's been run over by a truck"...hahaha, that was very funny.

    I'm drooling over the green stacked "lifesavers" in the beautiful green container.

    1. Yes I also thought Stack O' Lifesavers looked great in that pot. Shows how the right pot can flatter a plant.

  4. Variegated cycad, now that's something you definitely don't see everyday!

    1. Not something seen around here, that's for certain.

  5. What colorful fun, Hoov. Trust plants to do it for us!

  6. All reminders that nature never stops amazing us.

    1. And if nature doesn't amaze, we have a problem.


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