Visit Car Museum, Take Pictures Of Plants

Green car:
 photo car8705_zps7d59530e.jpg
Our visitors were interested in the Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo, so we took a drive over there. 
 photo car8700_zps2e89c911.jpg
Of course, I considered the Museum's plants, which consisted of this...
 photo car8707_zps16aa4ee1.jpg
...and this:
 photo car8723_zps060f009c.jpg

 photo car8724_zpsd1df402d.jpg
Across the street from the museum, an industrial building had a bit more vegetation:
 photo car8877_zpsefa7c01c.jpg
I think the three trees were ornamental Pears, which will potentially grow large enough to completely block the view of the building's entrance.  Maybe their maintainers will prevent that.  Or not, seeing as how they pruned the Phormiums.
Appropriate if standard plants for the area, but unfortunate maintenance.  No, the tips won't grow back.
 photo car8878_zps5cf0412d.jpg 

 photo car8881_zpse19907ea.jpg

 photo car8883_zps2adff637.jpg
We thoroughly enjoyed the museum. I took photographs of numerous hood ornaments, assembling a group showing the breadth and evolution of the Packard types.  Not gardening related, but fuel for a future post.  I'll find some sort of garden angle.  Or not.  
 photo car8890_zpsd78b5786.jpg
Afterwards we stopped at the nearby Super Charging Station to get a charge out of the landscaping, and to get a charge.  The super trendy minimalist landscaping included permeable pavement to minimize runoff of winter rain:
 photo car8891_zpse7ff3e15.jpg

 photo car8914_zps7bec33e2.jpg

 photo car8907_zpscbf05982.jpg
Just a bit of lawn by the reflecting pool, with the typical trendy rectangles of grey concrete creating a decorative pattern in the grass:
 photo car8894_zps8e608999.jpg
Dark Phormiums and blonde Nassella tenuissima as the shrubbery around the charging area:
 photo car8892_zps5fdbca47.jpg

 photo car8903_zps338f7872.jpg
By the office doorway, a row of Agave desmettiana paired with Foxtail fern (Asparagus densiflorus 'Myers')
 photo car8896_zpseda590ec.jpg 

 photo car8906_zps28fe80c5.jpg
Narrow screens of black Bamboo will eventually form a partially enclosed square.  The Bamboo is still establishing but appears happy.
  photo car8902_zps9cab8e7b.jpg

 photo car8898_zps503be8b3.jpg 

 photo car8913_zps190e78cd.jpg
 A bit of foundation planting by the building looked less trendy and very standard--the old ho-hum standbys Rhaphiolepis indica, Daylilys, and Trachelospermum jasminoides:
 photo car8916_zpsa96bbb6e.jpg 
 I would be interested to see how the Very Trendies age over time in comparison to the Very Standards--are we learning anything about what to plant in commercial settings, or not?  Will the dark Phormiums grow huge and be cut into cubes? (No, the tips don't grow back.) Will the bamboo accumulate a wad of dead material at the base, and become a thick hedge cut to four foot height (the height which a mow-blow guy with gas-powered hedge trimmers trims everything)?

Time will tell on that, and on Tesla's prospects as well.  We left with both the car's batteries, and my plant love, relatively recharged.


  1. Nice...who needs cars with some good plant bling? Looks like some maintenance people from NM moved to your area...sorry about not knocking them off before they became a problem:-)

    The agave w/ foxtail fern is stunning. They flaxes w/ the feathergrass would be, if the latter weren't so invasive.

    1. The person who finds and patents a sterile version of that Nassella could make some bucks.

  2. I really am curious what exactly they thought would be accomplished by cutting the tips off the Phormium...any ideas?

    1. Usually for one of three basic reasons: to tidy up the plant by removing damaged, brown tips; to make it "safer" by removing sharp, pointed tips, whether they really ARE sharp or pointed; to make it conform to a preconceived prejudice of every plant needing to be squared off. You see it in these parts all the time.

      Hoov, you really need to take your guest to the Nethercutt Museum in Sylmar. Wonderful collection of automobiles and memorabilia. If you register well enough in advance, you can tour the original collection in "San Sylmar" which includes a marvelous collection of automatic reproducing pianos, watches, orchestrions, and "Cloud 99", the top floor of the facility which features a 1926 Wurlitzer organ connected to something like 1500 pipes. It is computerized to exactly reproduce live performances. The carpet for Cloud 99 is woven to resemble meadows of wild flowers as seen from a hot air balloon. It is truly an amazing facility with a number of wonderful collections.

    2. Yes, they went to the Nethercutt last visit. Quite the car fanatics--well at least one of them is. I imagine we'll eventually get to every car museum in California--there's one in Paso Robles next on the list...

  3. I can't believe what they did to those poor phormiums! I especially love that combination with the agave and foxtail fern. beautiful

    1. Yes, isn't that fine looking? Simple yet beautiful.

  4. Some very nice plants, interesting permeable pavement, the kangaroo paw looked good, a shame about the tips of the phormium being trimmed.
    xoxoxo ♡

    1. I'm so happy to report that at least they didn't prune the Kangaroo Paw foliage!

  5. I could not help laughing about the trimmed Phormiums......I have never seen this before, who could have done that.... Furthermore, as far as I can see the maintenance of these public areas is rather good and with the designs is nothing wrong. Nice you showed us something different.

    1. I do wonder why they cut those Phormiums. Everything else looked quite nice. There was plenty of room in the bed for them to arch outwards, they would not have been out in the walkway at all.

  6. Now you've got me worried about the Tesla, what with taking both batteries in and musing on "Tesla's prospects." Hope everything is OK. I think I need some Myer's on my north-facing porch -- a good example of an omnipresent plant that still manages to be cool.

    1. No, Tesla's just dandy. :) I'm eying 'Meyer's as well, what a good companion to Agaves!


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