A Favorite Plant This Week: Agave pygmae 'Dragon Toes'

Just as pristine as the day I bought it.
 photo dragontoes9653_zps7c532ba9.jpg
 A year ago:
 photo h2o423_zps53e15fd2.jpg
What a fate, to be born and live your whole life beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.  Natasha, what's it like? 
 photo kaputski0049_zps5ae26177.jpg
"Good!" she says.      


  1. Ah yes, Natasha would know; her response eloquent in its succinctness.

  2. Gorgeous! Not a single crumpled spike or withered leaf edge or amputated arm in sight. I love how so many Agaves continue to show the thorn imprint.

  3. Some are just cursed with eternal good looks. Thankfully this is not a burden I have to carry.

  4. Love the agave. Natasha's beauty is beyond question. Have you tried telling her that pretty is as pretty does?


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