Checking On The Scorch

Our dreadful heatwave has disappated.  Time to check on the havoc it left behind.  Some plants failed completely:
heatwave photo scorch9852_zps1f36a3d2.jpg
Sunburn here...
heatwave photo scorch9839_zps2f671ae9.jpg  

 photo scorch9784_zpsaaf6b37f.jpg 
...worrisome dessication...
heatwave photo scorch9843_zps9a567463.jpg
...bleaching even on plants you'd expect could handle heat...
heatwave photo scorch9840_zpse26ad01f.jpg
Some roses turned a strange tan color.
heatwave photo scorch9850_zpsb9252d9c.jpg
Others seemed hardly touched.
heatwave photo royale9827_zps9a49888e.jpg   
 The thuggish plants seemed delighted. No surprise there:
 photo royale9829_zps14ae559e.jpg

heatwave photo scorch9847_zps9769f3e3.jpg
The long-suffering, unwatered Hymnocallis was also unfazed.
heatwave photo scorch8572_zpsca8fa053.jpg
While the Dahlias, though increasingly bedraggled by their long summer (they've been blooming since late April), still produce beauty.
heatwave photo scorch9838_zpse99ea37b.jpg

heatwave photo scorch9855_zps594ea45f.jpg   
 So nice to be outside again.


  1. Wow! I am so surprised by the Agave. Glad to hear temps are a bit more livable.

    1. I was expecting some to bleach, but not that one. It's recently planted, perhaps that was the problem.

  2. I loved the strange tan colour of the rose, a sign of autumn.

  3. These heatwaves are so destructive, we suffer and so do the plants. It is good to see that some of your beautiful plants have been spared and that it is cool enough now for you to venture out in the garden. We have not had rain for seven weeks.
    It is only the beginning of Spring here and we have had high temperatures of 32ºC this week. Forty separate bush fires were burning in my state of New South Wales this week, I dread to think what Summer will bring.
    xoxoxo ♡

    1. I'm sorry to hear there are so many fires in your state. Let us hope a bad start leads to an unexpectedly cooler middle and end.

  4. A red rose that can take the heat? I need it! What rose is it?

    1. I'm puzzled as to why it could take the heat. It's like-colored brethren cannot. That is 'Rouge Royale', which has enough other drawbacks (zero resistance to any and all diseases) to not recommend it. Of course, the fragrance is superb.

    2. Oh darn. I'm always on the hunt for The Perfect Rose. Thanks for the info, though!

  5. Hey, do I know that agave? Mine does that bleached-out thing too. Just noticed it had another pup under its bleached-out lower leaves...

    1. No, your friend is pristine. Afternoon shade made the difference. That bleached one is the one I got in Tucson.


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