Friday Miscellany

Japanese Anenome 'Pamina' photo millet9867_zps3fa1118e.jpg
Gomphrena 'Pink Zazzle'.  I'm confused as to whether or not this is an annual.  They wanted a long-lived-perennial-price for it at the garden center.     
 photo millet9870_zps00d1a9fa.jpg
Pentas love heat.  Butterflies love Pentas.
 photo millet9860_zps55da1bd1.jpg
Pentas and butterflies love what they love.  I love how the sun lights up grass. 
 photo millet9871_zps70233a6c.jpg
The sun lights up other stuff nicely, too. 
 photo millet9880_zps38e4336b.jpg
The sun turns Leucadendrons into stained glass.
 photo millet9887_zps08389c0b.jpg
Cordylines, too.  
 photo millet9809_zps9412c8be.jpg
The sun helps us see the fuzz on the Anigozanthos:
 photo millet9895_zps0c9d4082.jpg
The sun makes Pittosporum 'Silver Sheen' look like it's been chromed.  
 photo millet9884_zps770c57be.jpg    
This is a "hardy Hibiscus", maybe?  Whatever a "hardy Hibiscus" is--Malvaceae?  I've killed this one a couple of times.  I'll enjoy it at the garden center, where it belongs. 
 photo millet9898_zps56afbac9.jpg 
Nice fountain.  Too expensive, though.
 photo millet9881_zpsb5f432db.jpg
And there's 'Pope John Paul II' again, enjoying the heat which has unfortunately returned for another round.  For hopefully no so long.   
 photo millet9806_zpsead9527f.jpg


  1. Ah, Leucadendrons are so fabulous, but also not hardy for us in the PNW. I wish they were. I'm already bringing a banana in for the winter, I don't think I have room for a shrub. But if I ever get a greenhouse, a Leucadendron will be one of the first plants I buy!

    Sorry you're suffering yet again from unbearable heat.

    1. Don't we all want a greenhouse? I want a greenhouse, and it barely even frosts here, perhaps once every 10 years. It's the atmosphere they impart, I think. Lush and vibrantly alive, but protected.

      Though my friend in Vancouver wants one simply to be warm in the winter.

      The weatherman apparently exaggerated, it's decent today. Maybe tomorrow will be horrid.

  2. I think the Hibiscus is H. acetosella 'Haight Ashbury." I killed mine too but I have a H. acetosella 'Mahongany Splendor' that's been with me 1.5 years in a pot. It doesn't have the same as much leaf variegation as 'Haight Ashbury,' appears hardier and cost a while lot less...

    1. So many plants, so little time. One I'll never get to again. You don't get horrific Santa Ana winds, do you? I think that's what did it in here.

    2. Oh, yes, we get Santa Anas that dry your skin up the moment you walk out the door. I'm not sure that had anything to do with the sudden death of my 'Haight Ashbury' but maybe...

  3. Yep, I'm with Alison on the beautiful Leucadendron species -want, want, want, but can't grow here.
    I want a greenhouse so I can warm up and steam quietly with the tropical plants.

  4. Gorgeous photos dear Hoover, I love how the light accentuates the beauty of plants and grasses.
    xoxoxo ♡

  5. The Leucadendrons looks great in that light.


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