Huntington Desert Garden, Sunday Morning

Cyphostemna juttae:
 photo des0092_zps7b266ec8.jpg

 photo des0100_zpsd46b2333.jpg

 photo des0117_zpsca24d520.jpg

 photo des0114_zps0aa1ed52.jpg

 photo des0098_zpsea271c93.jpg

 photo des0084_zps66437078.jpg
I love Aloe sabea's droopy quality: 
  photo desAloeSabea0109_zpsbdc62fb0.jpg

 photo des0151_zpsbf6cac76.jpg

 photo des0149_zps352af63c.jpg

 photo des0147_zps7e1a943e.jpg

 photo des0139_zps33addf79.jpg
Darth Yucca:
 photo des0144_zpsb37342ce.jpg

 photo des0126_zpsfdfd8032.jpg

 photo des0137_zps79f6c0ca.jpg

 photo des0133_zps4f7c15d7.jpg

 photo des0123_zpscfbe14f9.jpg

Let us remember the man who built it.  Bravo!
 photo des0174_zps1a46d186.jpg


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Les, very kind of you, especially considering what beautiful photos you take.

  2. Oh Hoov, thank you! We're starting day two of a crazy wacky intense rain and wind storm up here in the PNW and I needed that!

    1. Actual rain, measured in inches not fractions.

    2. Inches not fractions. You torture me. Trade you some blazing heat and dust...

  3. I am always amazed at your beautiul cactus and succulent photos!

    1. They have a beautiful architecture that makes them such a pleasure to try to photograph.

  4. You've really captured beautiful light with these photos. I especially like the back-lighting on #13.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Gorgeous photos dear Hoover, such interesting and amazing plants.
    xoxoxo ♡

  6. Day three of wacky, intense rain now, and these gorgeous, warm, dry pictures are just the thing! Thank you, Hoov!!


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