It's Autumn At The Garden Center, But It's Still Summer In The Garden.

It's Autumn at the Garden Center, but it's still Summer in the garden.  
New chrysalis still appearing on the Agave augustifolia. 
 photo hi9724_zpsa9ac0b21.jpg
A lone caterpillar was making do with stem because for the fourth time since I planted them, caterpillars have stripped the Asclepias plants of their foliage.  
 photo hi9723_zpsc5b39a49.jpg
It's a late summer bloom festival for Yucca, unaffected by the heat.  Bee visitors are few.  The bees are apparently mobbing my neighbor's water fountain, the closest constant water source to their hive, which is in a drain pipe by the road.  
 photo hi9725_zps479fbc4c.jpg
Yesterday morning I got up at five and was outside at six to spend a few minutes in the garden before the fiery appearance of the sun.  I deadheaded a couple of roses for the sheer comfort of deadheading a couple of roses on a quiet morning just after dawn.  The flowers were brown and crisp, like deep-fried onions. 

Some garden center shots.  We did not stay long--the heat drained away all my strength.  I liked this Miscanthus with the curly tips:
 photo rog9685_zps63959157.jpg
But a pink Anigozanthos seems odd--a bit too sweet.  Pink is for roses and bubble gum.
 photo rog9672_zps749b34e7.jpg
Excepting that pink, autumnal colors and themes have arrived at the garden center.  It will be a couple months yet before they arrive in the garden, unless you count the color of scorch, which has been spreading everywhere due to the heat.  Not scorched:
 photo rog9673_zps91f17e0a.jpg

An ornamental Millet.  I wonder if it reseeds like crazy.  Millet is an edible grain--I've tried it, so I should say, a sort of edible grain.  Not a lot of flavor.  Tiny round spheres, like large poppy seed, only yellow.  Yeah, I bet it reseeds like crazy. 
 photo rog9676_zpsd53c5a94.jpg
How about a Darth Maul squash?
 photo thurs9677_zpsff8ff98c.jpg

 photo rog9680_zps80e46215.jpg
Hummingbird bait, this Eythrina bloom:
 photo rog9683_zps3931f4d1.jpg
Plant-nut bait, a Leucadendron flower.
 photo rog9667_zps89359ce4.jpg
The heat is supposed to break soon.  I may break first. 


  1. Great Yucca flower, Erythrina and Leucadendron. Stunning pictures, we don't have so many of these exotic tropical flowers, only in heated glasshouses and in summertime we put them outside in tubs. Even the destructive caterpillar is a beauty.

  2. Love all the pumpkins. It is feeling cooler in the UK now, so could do with some of your heat.

  3. Wonderful images dear Hoover, I hope you get some cool soon.
    xoxoxo ♡

  4. Yeah, that pink Kangaroo paw is a bit much. Love the plant-nut bait, though. You were right about the heat in Burbank. Husband is there right now and says it is unbearable.

  5. I love the bright red of the Erythrina flower. I'm sorry you are suffering from the heat, I hope it breaks soon for you. Nothing says fall like pumpkins and winter squash, they look delicious. I have not been able to grow them, for some reason the voles go crazy trying to nip the vines and fruit, but usually leave my summer squash alone.


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