Mother Nature's Shower Heads

Mother Nature's shower heads:  lotus flower seed pods:
lotus pods photo 
I missed the Lotus flowers by a few weeks, but the pods are of interest. 
 photo Lotus0007_zpsc66d1208.jpg

lotus pods photo Lotus0168_zpsad10219f.jpg
They don't seem to tolerate too much sun.
lotus pods photo Lotus0161_zps8bf74adc.jpg

lotus pods photo Lotus0164_zpsa140755c.jpg
Early morning light brings out the blue in them.
lotus pods photo Lotus0018_zps7f4e578a.jpg
Shower heads, or alien creatures with multiple eyes? 
lotus pods photo Lotus0014_zps024ec99c.jpg

 photo Lotus0010_zps61d78242.jpg

lotus pods photo Lotus0012_zpsf03edb06.jpg


  1. Great photos dear Hoover, they are very exotic and beautiful and such lovely colours!
    xoxoxo ♡

    1. It was such a beautiful morning there. The light was magic.

  2. Beautiful photos, love how the colour changes with the light.

  3. I want a Lotus in the worst way. 2014 will be the year.

    1. Just keep in mind: if it is happy, it is the bermuda grass of ponds.

  4. Beautiful photos and did you know? Those seeds inside the pods taste amazing!

    1. No, I did not know. Here we sometimes see the pods used as exotic decoration.

      I wonder if the pods will soon be mobbed by hungry birds?

  5. Would you ever consider selling prints or high-res downloads of your photography? I have a spot in my house where I'd love to hang prints of some of these lotus shots. Your photography is wonderful.

    1. Thanks Heather! I'm not sure the quality is really there, since there are always puppy nose and tongue prints on the lens. Surely there are some spectacular shots by professionals that would be far better? I've blown up a few shots in the past to see how they look, and there are dust particles, dog hairs, etc. I'd be happy to send you a file or two, but I would not recommend spending a lot on a print.


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