Nothing Specifically September

 Nothing specifically September for Bloom Day.  Roses, as they are ten months of the year, are the stars.  
'Prospero' looks like a Frisbee sailing across the garden.
 photo blum9905_zpsbf9cccff.jpg
I was more intrigued by the background for 'Ambridge Rose' than by the rose.
 photo blum9906_zpscbd8c088.jpg
'Kaiserin Auguste Viktoria' looks appropriately September--a sun-scorched and weary survivor.
 photo blum9939_zps1db1cc01.jpg    
The latest greatest Hydrangeas bloom on and on, long enough for us to get a little--only a little--tired of them.
 photo blum9923_zps32cf3a4f.jpg
This is likely the last of the Dahlias for the year.  I'll cut them all down soon.
 photo blum9904_zps63b229f9.jpg

 photo blum9902_zpsc9c5aaf7.jpg
 The Drakensberg daisy continues to thrive.
 photo blum9927_zps493f4067.jpg
Plectranthus 'Mona Lavender' has finally started to bloom again.  It stopped right after I planted it.  That's okay--I took most of summer off, too.
 photo blum9931_zps03f3df19.jpg
Lastly, Echeveria 'Black Prince', I suppose this one might be specifically September.
 photo blum9942_zpsfe63563d.jpg
The beautiful crimson of the flowers is apparent in a close up look:
 photo blum9941_zpsdd83834d.jpg
Happy Bloom Day!  Visit May Dreams Garden Blog to see what's blooming in gardens around the world on this day in September.


  1. You have some beautiful photos posted today. Nice. Jack

  2. your Echeveria 'Black Prince' is ahead of ours in the Uk, they tend to be Oct - November here.

    1. I looked back (blogs are nice for that) and see it was a September bloomer in '11 and in '09. Nights are just starting to cool off here, I wonder if that's the trigger, or is it the shorter days?

  3. That second photo looks like it should be a painting! That BG is gorgeous and the flower so beautifully delicate. Very very lovely! I should pick up a P. 'Mona Lavender'. They look so great this time of the year. Lovely shots!

    1. Thank you Deanne. I really, really like that Plectranthus.

  4. Speaking about growing tired of long flowerers, I got a case of pink fatigue with my pink Drakensberg gerberas and pulled them out. Now I'm scouring nurseries for the orange/peachy variety. Let me know if you see any out your way. What amazing plants they are.

    1. Roger's had plenty of them on Thursday.


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