Texas, Please Come Get Your Weather

At least they like it:
 photo thurs9748_zps8c7710e9.jpg
I'm still not well, and it's still hot, hot, hot, with the added misery of not cooling down at night. Cooling down at night is our typical and much-beloved phenomenon.  It might be 90F (32C) for weeks, but normally it drops to 65 or even 60F (15C) at night, meaning that we can sleep, and early in the morning, before the heat re-grips, walk the dogs, and wander the garden. 
Holding up better than I am:
 photo thurs9760_zps27ac73eb.jpg
90F during the day and 87F at night is more typical to Texas or Oklahoma--places far away from our cooling Pacific.  Texas, please come get your weather.  
Boris doesn't like it! (note where Natasha has chewed him into asymmetry.  She's unhappy, too.)
 photo thurs9694_zpsea8ee317.jpg
Being stuck inside, held hostage by the weather, is not our normal condition.  Only the briefest forays out into the garden these days.  A favorite plant this week?  At this point, any plant will do, even the slightly balding...
 photo thurs9780_zps422c3c22.jpg
Apparently heat-oblivious:
 photo thurs9776_zps0d72db9c.jpg
Quite a few years ago, I planted several Gaura.  They are long gone, having been too weedy for me.  This year one sprouted on the neighbor's corner adjacent my slope, and it looks better than any of my store-boughts ever did.  Typical. 
 photo thurs9764_zps28375cf0.jpg
 photo thurs9768_zpsca394ef5.jpg 
What else caught the eye?  'Rouge Royale', back from the dead after five or more years of being MIA.   It started growing again for reasons unknown.  I'm glad it did.  This one has the fragrance.
 photo thurs9756_zps24f1989c.jpg
Urginea maritima continues to impress.  It likes heat.
 photo thurs9750_zpsadd12d91.jpg
The Astelia looks deliciously cool:
 photo thurs9746_zps4da47dda.jpg
But there is a clear winner--the tiny seedling of 'Renae' that bloomed for the first time some weeks ago.  It's already repeating.  Inches tall and it has four new buds!   In this terrible heat!       
 photo thurs9771_zpsea4ff8eb.jpg
Honey, you are a star!  All four inches of you! 
 photo thurs9773_zps2172a18a.jpg
Many more interesting plants to be seen at Danger Garden.  Enjoy.  Stay cool, too.  


  1. Ah, cool nights is your secret! I wondered how everything always looked relatively nice, even when you complained about heat. Now you just need to boost the humidity to 70% or more... :)

    1. Visitors not familiar with our Pacific air conditioning effect are surprised by how cool it normally gets here in the summer at night. Another reason certain plants do better here--because it cools off and they get relief. And why some plants (melons) don't do well--because it cools off...

      It has been more humid here this heat wave, but normally our high humidity comes with cool weather and our low humidity comes with heat.

  2. Beautiful images from your garden dear Hoover despite the high temperatures. Your neighbour's Gaura looks wonderful, mine have never grown like that either. Your little rose Renai is very pretty.
    Sorry you are still unwell.
    xoxoxo ♡

    1. Thank you Dianne, I am slowly getting better, a little each day.

  3. Poor Boris but he still looks beautiful, obviously the heat is getting to you all.
    We are in the early days of Spring and our temperatures are more like Summer...I am dreading Summer if this is an indication of the heat to come.
    xoxoxo ♡

    1. I hope you have a nice mild summer, Dianne. Ours was very mild until the last three weeks.

  4. I'm still trying to wrap my head around that Urginea maritima photo...it's bloom craziness!

    I read something about us setting a record for hot nights in August, and it was very humid too. I'm not a fan.


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