Clematis viticella Seed Heads

I enjoy the seed clusters of Clematis viticella more than the flowers.
 photo clem0255_zps70d23dff.jpg
Though promptness in cutting them off and trashing them is wise, lest the garden become overrun with seedlings.  
  photo clem0270_zps2f41827e.jpg

 photo clem0260_zpsad6966b7.jpg 



  1. I like the seed clusters too. They look almost as if they're prepared to speak. If a little larger, they could be featured in "Little Shop of Horrors2."

  2. Hey does your email through this site work? I've sent you a couple of emails.

    1. Sorry! I emailed you. I got behind when I was ill.

  3. These images are wonderful dear Hoover, the seed heads are rather beautiful.
    I hope you are well now?
    xoxoxo ♡


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