We don't get many dewy mornings here.  
 photo dew0788_zps1a629245.jpg
October and November are our big months for dew.
 photo dew0792_zpsaf93b772.jpg
'Souvenir de la Malmaison' dews and mildews at this time of year.   
 photo dew0805_zps12f6636d.jpg   
Beautiful Leucadendron 'Ebony' is even more beautiful when silvered with dew.
 photo dew0808_zpsce71ed0b.jpg
 photo dew0823_zpsc337f2d4.jpg
The dark foliage looks great with bright red.
 photo dew0818_zpsab34ba9c.jpg 
Bright red, dewy, is nice as well.
 photo dew0813_zps3cef1d7b.jpg 
Dew ruins the spider's work.  The webs sag like old sofas; their artistry is lost.
 photo dew0834_zpsc9a0d876.jpg
This web, a mess to begin with, handles the dew better.
 photo dew0785_zps5760f104.jpg
It's easy to enjoy the gloomy dew here, because in an hour or so it's all gone.  The sun soon blazes forth.  Oooh, better water that Agave...
 photo agavesebastiana0411_zps43f77ee4.jpg


  1. The rose with the many dewdrops is magnificent!

  2. 'Ebony', with or without the red rose echoing its red stems, is resplendent in its mantle of dew.


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