October Light

 photo mon0471_zpsb721a699.jpg
October light:  strength without harshness.
 photo mon0449_zps538c3831.jpg

 photo mon0454_zps20dd43ae.jpg
 The mornings, a touch dewy, spark
 photo mon0460_zpsebaaf016.jpg 
the last best warmth of the year.
 photo mon0478_zps3a7016fd.jpg

 photo mon0484_zpsbf18aa01.jpg
Shadows caution of darkness ahead.
 photo mon0445_zps0c6f3f24.jpg 
But a light to light dreams.
 photo mon0492_zps0b582cdc.jpg


  1. Gorgeous photos in this light, the flowers and colours are beautiful. The first photo is especially lovely, those white roses with the almost olive coloured spiky leaves and the soft background looks wonderful.
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. Some very nice photos today -- great way to start the day!

  3. Strength without harshness. I think you've got it right! I have been loving the October light. So much more forgiving than summer's harsh sunlight. Almost like candlelight on a date - it shows only the beauty, but conceals the flaws.

    1. It's been a beautiful October here, hope you are getting one as good.

  4. It is pretty, isn't it? And your photos do it justice. We're actually getting a week of sunshine here in the PNW. Not much in the way of warmth though, temps barely above the mid-50s. I love that shot of the three Yuccas.

  5. This October light makes your photos just amazing. Last picture of the tiny white flowers is extra ordinary beautiful I think, but they are all great. Loved seeing a gold carp.

    1. I was happy with that last photo, thanks Janneke!


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