Please Don't Hate Plants

I'm going to miss those Dahlias until they reappear next April:
 photo a00651_zps89d62647.jpg 
Perhaps it is necessary to balance out the plant-nut population with people who want absolutely nothing to do with the green and growing.  Can you imagine this as your front yard?
 photo a0591_zps2d8404ce.jpg
It hurts to look at it.  Yes, that's a plastic boxwood, covering something up that can't be as deplorable as plastic boxwood.   
Outdoors:  plastic boxwood.  Indoors:  polyester sunflowers! 
 photo a0588_zpsb8cf204a.jpg
What do people who hate plants do on a beautiful Saturday morning?  Sleep?  What would Saturday morning be without a quick inspection of our green friends followed by a trip to the garden center for more?  First, feed the Koi...
 photo a0586_zps9bed6f08.jpg
...then wander over to enjoy the Dahlias again...
 photo a00649_zpsbd77e80a.jpg
...the morning's surprise was a flower on the dark potato vine.  I didn't know they did that.  
 photo a0577_zps990a8575.jpg
Then off to one of those plant nurseries that inhabit the space under high power lines.  It's the only land in Southern California plant growers can afford.  
Looks a little like Banksia speciosa.  A very little:
 photo a0624_zps657d76ee.jpg
There was a lot of new stock, freshly arrived.  Always dangerous, new stuff.
Acacia covenyi, the "Bluebush" Acacia:
 photo a0623acaciacovenyi_zps3d883615.jpg 
Love blue, but Grevillea 'Moonlight' stopped me.
 photo a0617_zpsedf8d001.jpg
The San Marcos website normally sticks to subdued and rational commentary about plants.  Their comments on this plant  were different. It made me regret not buying one.  They rave--in a subdued, rational way, of course.  How many of their comments use the word "stunning"?  Not many. 
 photo a0611_zps66c4f559.jpg
 photo a0609_zps2d03fbf1.jpg
Yep.  Year-round flowers.  Maybe I "need" one.  
Are Phormiums out?  Their stock dropped when succulents became the new-new thing, helped along by the New Zealand Flax Mealybug. 
I did like the unexpected lavender tones of this 'Black Rage', though: 
 photo a0603_zps860de727.jpg
 Salvia 'Pink Frills' looked appealing.  A greggii hybrid of some sort.
 photo a0601_zps73b653ea.jpg 
The plant that came home with us was a Dianella, of all things.  I yanked out Dianella tasmanica 'Variegata' with a little regret a year or two ago.  Liked it, didn't love it.  Monrovia was offering several small blueish dwarf versions--meh.  This one, though, firmly attached itself to my hand when I touched its container, and would not let go.  I was forced to buy it.
Dianella prunia 'Utopia'.  (Also time to feed Koi again):
 photo a00628_zps893f1844.jpg
Blue-green and growing, with purple edges.  How about nine of them, planted as a grid, three rows of three, in that grey gravel?  Or a single glorious Aloe dichotoma, grown to tremendous proportions?  Something, anything...
 photo a0589_zps4a003347.jpg 
Please don't hate plants.


  1. You're right about the power lines at garden centers. We have them here in Florida too!

  2. The raindrops on that Phormium look like jewels! I planted a Dianella this past spring, called Something Twist, or maybe Twist Something. Your Dahlias are so pretty, what a great color. I miss mine already too.

    1. It was THE summer for Dahlias. Hopefully next summer will be, too.

  3. Need? Of course you do!

    That plastic shrub is terrifying, but your new Dianella...beautiful.

  4. What a stunning Dahlia you have, the colours of apricot and off white....... Also in our country you see more and more gravel and stones, awful I think, but I have never seen before a plastic boxwood, haha.

    1. Gravel is okay, but a few plants would help.

      I am glad you do not see plastic boxwood often. They are sad.

  5. That plastic boxwood isn't a scratch post for neighborhood cats? Too bad.

    That 'Black Rage' looks fantastic!

    1. Great idea, Alan. Cat toy! Okay, I knew they'd be good for something.

  6. Fake grass I can sort of understand - plastic boxwood, standing alone against a blank wall no less, no comprendo...

    The Grevillea is beautiful. I passed on G. 'Superb' this weekend and have been plagued with 2nd thought ever since even though I still haven't figured out exactly where I'd put it.

    1. Where to put them. Yes, there is that small issue, especially for 'Moonlight', which gets 15' tall.

      I have plastic grass myself, just for the puppies to use, out of sight of the rest of the world. It has its place...

    2. And Grevillea 'Superb' looks superb!

  7. The vision of that Dianella attaching itself to your hand and refusing to let go made me laugh. I met a 3-year-old human that did the same this weekend, and as sweet as he was, I'd be more tempted by the Dianella for the long haul.

    1. Yes, plants are a lot easier to take care of!

  8. which power-line grower was this? I'm seeing Grevillea 'Moonlight' but only in expensive, large sizes. The LA Arb's Moonlights are clipped to about 8 feet, and I think it was bahia/David Feix who noted they tolerate pruning very well. I've already killed 'Black Rage' -- saw another dark one recently, 'Back in Black.' I really liked the smoky tones in Black Rage, very similar to the color of Yucca 'Blue Boy.'

    1. The Village in HB. How did the Arb's look? Pretty good?


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