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Japanese Anemone 
 photo jaAtjls0382jpeg_zpsb2113dbf.jpg
The blue and white pot unexpectedly complements the succulents.  Or is it just that the pot is so pretty, it doesn't matter?
 photo jaAtjls0395_zpsf43b56f4.jpg

 photo jaAtjls0380_zps1496dc86.jpg
Is that that millet again?  It was towering in this garden.
 photo jaAtjls0389_zps9f9df673.jpg
After producing white flowers since I planted it, Salvia 'Hot Lips' has produced some red.  'Wendy's Wish' has far surpassed 'Hot Lips' in beauty and charm.
 photo tues0361_zps3a40d763.jpg


  1. The blue and white pot is pretty, the succulents are doing great and the combination together is just gorgeous. Such fun to see that little rabbit looking up to the plants. These Salvias are so nice, I suppose they grow in your garden, you don't see them often here but once I bought a plant in England and had it in my greenhouse for rather a long time. But actually, our winters are far too cold.

    1. The rabbit has great charm, doesn't he? Salvias are very good plants. They fill many spots and some bloom for months and months. Salvia nemorosa 'Ostfriesland', would that be hardy for you?

  2. My Salvia 'Hot Lips' sometimes turns completely white too. I think it has something to do with temperature. I'll have to check out 'Wendy's Wish.'

    1. Yes, the weather. I highly recommend 'Wendy's Wish'. So do the hummingbirds!


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