The State Of Things Here

 photo pea0763_zpsddf9c6a5.jpg
Some plants are being born:
 photo pea0734_zps0de0ed82.jpg
Some are ready to try.
 photo pea0740_zps5b08be94.jpg 
Others, revel in their prime.
 photo pea0728_zps437550c9.jpg 
Some are half asleep, but want to show off one more time this year.
 photo pea0738_zpsb2d5d892.jpg

 photo pea0750_zps4bd75312.jpg 

 photo pea0745_zps809d2448.jpg 
Some should be sleepy, but are not.
 photo pea0744_zpsb61bd245.jpg
The Hellebores have brand new fresh foliage.
 photo pea0725_zps46d112f3.jpg
The Acer palmatum has it all wrong.
 photo pea0780_zps8c758836.jpg
The Cerinthes are returning for another year.
 photo pea0764_zps77f9e409.jpg
 photo pea0736_zps97326bb7.jpg
Those @#^$*!& Cercis won't leave.
 photo pea0747_zps2bde40f7.jpg
 The roses--they go on...
 photo pea0727_zps8abd079b.jpg 
...and on...
 photo pea0731_zps65207150.jpg
...on and on...
 photo pea0742_zpsc385d4fe.jpg
...partiers who want to stay up...
 photo pea0757_zps67cbf029.jpg
...long past moon set.
 photo pea0751_zps3a0aa456.jpg
That's the state of things here. 
 photo pea0772_zps04ed58ca.jpg


  1. The roses look wonderful and also the clematis, every plant is thriving.

    xoxoxo ♡

  2. If summer is the party then I'm one of your roses that doesn't want it to end. You have such color in your garden still!

  3. Your garden seems to be undecided as to whether it's summer or fall but, regardless of the confusion, it continues to share its beauty.


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