What Does Leucadendron 'Ebony' Look Good With?

What looks good with Leucadendron 'Ebony'?  I saw 'Pacific Sunset' Coprosma at the garden center the other day, and bought it, thinking it would be a perfect companion.  Well, maybe not.  'Ebony's red is a cool red, I decided, while 'Pacific Sunset's red is a warm red. I like the glossy with the fuzzy, though. The Coprosma looks like melted Legos.
 photo pot0902_zpse2d7767a.jpg
The magenta flowers of Salvia 'Wendy's Wish' agree with the burgundy of 'Ebony' stems, but do not match.
 photo pot0904_zpsd51d3b5c.jpg

 photo pot0921_zpsfc700e03.jpg
The cool blue-green of Calandrinia spectabile foliage shape is so similar to the Leucadendron, they make an interesting pair. 
 photo pot0905_zps400b832e.jpg
True pale blue (Echeveria 'Imbricata') might be too much of a contrast.  The Echeveria's burgundy leaf tips match well, though.
 photo pot0913_zpsebe6c986.jpg
Graptoveria 'Fred Ives' with its magical array of colors seems better suited.
 photo pot0912_zpse3ce074d.jpg
'Fred' is so a gorgeous plant, it looks good with anything.
 photo pot0914_zps2e7a34a6.jpg
How about the silver-with-olive-green-undertones of Santolina?  The Leucadendon foliage has subtle hints of olive green...
 photo pot0924_zps19494114.jpg

Old reliable 'Rozanne', surprisingly, has the same burgundy color in its curly stamens as the Leucadendron stems, but needs different growing conditions--more water and less harsh sun.  Never mind.
 photo pot0931_zps61a80b6b.jpg
'Rozanne' is having a fabulous October, by the way.
 photo pot0987_zps79bb5558.jpg
So is 'Princess Alexandra Of Kent', which opens a warm coral pink and changes to a cool medium pink.  But I digress.
 photo pot0949_zpse246f2c2.jpg
It occurred to me that the bronze-blue mix of the Dianella 'Utopia' foliage would act as a buffering link between the blue of the Agave 'Dragon Toes' and the Leucadendron. Straight pale blue and straight dark feels too contrasty, but a buffer softens that contrast.  A pale blue Agave with more burgundy teeth and spines might be even better.  What do you think?   
 photo pot0938_zps48656897.jpg


  1. I like Fred. The Echevaria 'Imbricata' works for me too. I really like that shiny Coprosma too, but not as an 'Ebony' companion.

  2. I've been wondering the same thing. I put my 'Ebony' in my dry garden near Leucadendron salignum 'Chief' because the area was open, sunny, and the 2 plants appeared to have similar stem color but they don't do much for one another. Geranium incanum, a weed in my garden, has planted itself nearby - it doesn't look too bad so I'm letting the Geranium stay for now, I thought Grevillea lavandulcea 'Penola' might make a good companion but I'm waiting for it to bloom before I consider moving 'Ebony.' In general, I think gray plant like the agave you show in your last picture may be the best choice. Of course, 'Ebony' looked great with the red rose you showed with it earlier in the week but the cultural requirements are an issue (unless one was in a pot?). I'll be interested to see what you do.

  3. Fred. I like the contrast at the bottom too.

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