Cloudy Day

A rare cloudy day this fall.  The sunrise was spectacular.
 photo bd1520_zpscaa231a8.jpg
As gaudy as some of my flowers.  
 photo bd1519_zpsa9959def.jpg
I spent the day cleaning up the area by the front door.   I moved two roses to better spots, split and replanted a Hemerocallis, deadheaded roses, and cleaned up a lot of spent foliage.  It was wonderful to go at it for hours without having to take frequent breaks (or quit altogether) because of heat and sunlight.
 photo bd1586_zps021b8491.jpg
The Crape Myrtle foliage is turning red, even with our mild 55 F (12 C) night time low temperatures.
 photo bd1584_zps3eec37fa.jpg
The milkweed had a few weeks to grow new foliage and bloom;  now a couple new Monarch caterpillars are eating it up.  
 photo bd1555_zps27dc3417.jpg
The color of the roses was more intense in the day's overcast.
 photo bd1527_zps825ba7f1.jpg
Those Echeverias were hidden under the Carex.  They managed to grow well any way.
 photo bd1587_zps1454f25e.jpg
I can stop and look at things rather than racing back into the shade as I do on sunny days.  Aloe 'Hercules' is beginning to develop a beautiful trunk.
 photo bd1581_zps1a59dc60.jpg 
 There!  All tidy.
 photo bd1561_zpsdc92e8c0.jpg
I like a cloudy day.  Easy to do, when you know tomorrow will be sunny again. 


  1. Beautiful photos of the sunrise. And nice shot of your milkweed and caterpillar. I have planted Butterfly Weed for the first time this year. They are still blooming and Monarchs have visited but have not seen any caterpillars. Maybe next year. (I always enjoy seeing your photos!)

    1. Thanks Dorothy. I've really enjoyed seeing more butterflies in the garden this year. The Monarchs are great because you know they will only eat the milkweed and nothing else.

  2. I wish I'd been able to use the cloudy day as productively, especially as today's heat seems to be creeping in the direction of the 90 degree forecast.

    1. Yeah, today I stayed inside and vacuumed. :^(

  3. Beautiful photos dear Hoover, the milkweed is very pretty and the roses look wonderful.
    xoxoxo ♡

  4. Your photos are lovely and I appreciate them. And that was a stunning sunrise, wasn't it?
    I ran outside with my camera but failed to capture anything as lovely as your clouds. My best photo was of my cat, all pink in the reflected light, looking out the window in wonder, at me, with my camera, in the garden, in my pajamas!

    1. Yep, I was in bathrobe and slippers. A pink cat sounds good!

  5. Stunning as always dear Hoov! Wsh I chould share your enthusiasm for cloudy days but since that's pretty much what we'll be having here until July... Clouds are beautiful and I'm glad you got to enjoy them!

    1. Well, it was only the one day. The following day was sunny and close to 90F, as was the next...sorry!


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