November 2013 Bloom Day

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Oh.  It's you again.
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These Bloom Days have helped me realize I don't have all that much in the way of season-specific flowers.  A few bulbs bloom only in spring or fall, perhaps, but the year is reliably roses.
Reliable 'Yves Piaget'
Rosa 'Yves Piaget' photo Yves1449_zpsc02cb19e.jpg 
Most of the year is also reliably Hydrangea, Hemerocallis, Clematis, Aloes, and Geranium 'Rozanne'. 
Rosa 'Wild Fire'
 photo bd1537_zpsd3ae85e8.jpg 
It makes for a constantly colorful garden, but too-predictable Bloom Day posts.
'Prospero', looking very crimson for a change. 
 photo bd1544_zpsd91eabdb.jpg
'Young Lycidas', deliciously fragrant in cooler weather.  
 photo bd1534_zpsea566a88.jpg  
This old-timey Hemerocallis normally doesn't rebloom in Autumn, but it has this year.
 photo bd1616_zpsd1359327.jpg
A fancy recent hybrid, 'Space Coast Starburst' with all those ruffles and pleats.
 photo bd1606_zps96973e5d.jpg
 A recent purchase, Russelia equisetiformis.  I need to get this planted. 
 photo bd1626_zps7a38a470.jpg
This Clematis is either 'Ernest Markham' or 'Niobe'.
 photo bd1599_zps3050a0ef.jpg
'Pink Gruss an Aachen'
 photo bd1619_zpsd572ec1f.jpg 
'Jubilee Celebration'
 photo bd1582_zpsf536dc8f.jpg 
Aloe 'Grassy Lassie'
 photo bd1609_zps467934ae.jpg
Gorgeous 'Windermere'
 photo bd1610_zps776c825c.jpg 
The yellow version of Aloe arborescens.  I guess this one qualifies as season-specific, as it only blooms once a year, in mid-autumn.
 photo bd1570_zps4dc5280e.jpg  
The Trachelium bloomed in early summer, and then again in early fall.  The delicate tiny flowers last for--I was going to say weeks, but it is more likely months. 
 photo bd1604_zpsfaa42f03.jpg
 The Bougainvillea blooms when it feels like it, which could be any time of year.  
 photo bd1578_zpsce5ad38d.jpg  
That's it:  same-old same-old.  Perhaps adding a few more season-specific bloomers would give my Bloom Day posts more variety.  Maybe next year. 
 photo bd1574_zps6334e354.jpg
Visit May Dreams Garden Blog for more of what is blooming today in gardens everywhere.  Variety there, for sure!


  1. It may seem like the same old stuff to you, but your beautiful photos make them all look very dreamy to me. There's not much flowering here right now at all, certainly no roses, so thanks for those.

    1. Thanks Alison, glad you enjoyed them.

  2. Again I feel pangs of jealousy seeing that gorgeous Russelia equisetiformis. I passed on one at Flora Grubb, regret.

    1. They are said to be trivial to root from stem tips. I'm going to try it...

  3. Wonderful photos and beautiful collection of flowers
    Greetings :)

    1. Thanks Ela, and thanks for stopping by.

  4. I don't think roses that beautiful can ever be dismissed as same-old choices. Happy GBBD!

  5. Please don't even think of not giving us roses and Bloom Day posts. Do you know how much good it does for those of us up here in the wet Northwest to see these dry warm lovelies once a month? (Well, aside from some rather unattractive covetousness of your climate, of course.) Happy Bloom Day, Hoov.

    1. Well I do think of you guys up there engulfed in the Grey Months and try to post blasts of sunshine whenever possible.

  6. Beautiful!
    I especially like Wild Fire
    Have a wonderful week-end!

    1. Thanks Lea. 'Wild Fire' after a very slow beginning has proven to be a great rose. Have a great week-end, too.

  7. Don't change a thing! Where else can I get a rose fix if not here? And clems too! Windermere reminds me of Jude the Obscure, which had that amazing scent, kinda grapefruity.

    1. Rose fix, check. I suspect 'Windermere' is an offspring of 'Jude'--the fragrance is the same, Jude's being just a slight bit stronger.

  8. Another northerner enjoying your flowers. Your roses are still gorgeous, and the Clematis! A few of my roses straggle on, but fewer this year than usual.

  9. Who cares about variety when you have roses blooming?!! Beautiful - Pink Gruss an Aachen is fabulous!

    1. Thanks, PGAA is one of my best roses. Always flowers, never problems.

  10. You have some absolutely lovely roses and daylilies, I so envy you the climate you have! My Niobe is much more purple than yours, although it was labelled ‘red’, yours look more like the photo on the label mine came with, I have often wondered if mine was wrongly labelled and I might have a different one – yours is beautiful!
    Happy GBBD!


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