November Icebergs

In most of the rest of the country Rosa  'Iceberg' (Kordes 1958) is a terrible black spot magnet and not worth growing.  Here, it is perhaps the best flowering shrub you could plant.  'Iceberg' with its pink sport 'Brilliant Pink Iceberg' in massive display at the Huntington on Saturday.
Iceberg & Brilliant Pink Iceberg Rose photo iceberg1139_zps4b299b06.jpg

Iceberg & Brilliant Pink Iceberg Rose photo iceberg1145_zpsf753fd13.jpg

Iceberg Rose photo iceberg1154_zps945a4acb.jpg
Another 'Iceberg' sport, 'Burgundy Iceberg':
Burgundy Iceberg Rose photo iceberg1094_zps728c2b39.jpg

Iceberg Rose photo iceberg1087_zps5a89344f.jpg
A hedge of white roses may be a plain and simple thing, but...
Iceberg Rose photo iceberg1083_zpsf483c3f0.jpg
...there's something very peaceful about simplicity.
Pine photo pine1052_zps1be779e1.jpg

 photo birdx1022_zps121054dc.jpg


  1. Peace in simplicity is absolutely true. Some of my garden beds are too chaotic, too much of this and that. They need editing.

    1. Chaos. You've described my garden perfectly. ;^)

  2. Your last two pictures of the tree and the ducks are of an outstanding beauty! Rosa Iceberg is a very good rose for the Netherlands, I have them for already more then 20 years in the garden. I also tried the Burgundy Ice with not so much success, it died the second year.

    1. Thank you Janneke. I did not know Iceberg would perform well in the Netherlands, very interesting.

  3. Even though people consider Iceberg to be practically a trash plant, I love it, in its original form. You can't beat the crystal white flowers (pink in cool weather), that just keep coming. People say it is not fragrant, but it smells great to me.

    1. I detect a sweet fragrance from the flowers also. It is so very common now--but for good reason!

  4. You're reminding me of how topsy-turvy it seemed to me when I first saw my MIL's roses looking wonderful in winter (in Pasadena), while ours up here in Portland were pruned back for winter, giving nothing to the garden. Lovely shots of the Huntington, Hoov.


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