Once-A-Year Visit

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My yearly visit to a beautiful Mediterranean style garden in the neighborhood.  I never get tired of seeing it.  

This plant is commonly called Purple Potato Vine around here, though it's more of an arching shrub--Solanum...something--loaded with flowers in November.
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Sedum 'Coppertone' there at the base of the wall. 
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Duranta in the shade of Schinus molles
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Crassula 'Campfire', an Iris, 'Fred Ives' Graptoveria, against a backdrop of variegated Duranta erecta (I think).
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Love that lantern...
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I could not figure out what this plant was...Agave colimana...or even a Hesperaloe?  I love the filaments.  
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 Aeonium on the right, Oscularia deltoides in the bust/pot. 
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A mature Pomegranate tree, probably 'Wonderful', at least thirty years old, if not older.  The leaves are turning gold and preparing to drop, but slowly, slowly.
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Out of focus Tagetes lemoni in the foreground, dark, leathery-leafed Toyon in the middle, Schinus molle behind the Toyon, and the dessicated hills beyond. 
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Agave attenuata is as common in Southern California as Rosa 'Iceberg', and as indispensable.
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Copper Spoons, Kalanchoe orgyalis.  Growing in dappled shade, this particular plant is more purple than coppery.  
 photo zan1685_zps19e1a6e3.jpg  
A creature has been at the last remaining Pomegranates.
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  1. Beautiful, I have never seen a real pomegranate tree.

  2. I love being along on your annual Mediterranean cruise! Thanks again for the experience!

  3. What a pretty garden! I fell in love with Agave attenuata when I was in San Francisco for the Fling. I don't know why, I just think it's a cool plant. I love filaments too. They're the main reason I bought a 'Color Guard' Yucca.

  4. A good example of California at its best. Thanks for sharing your visit!

  5. Er, I already commented, but something went wacky when I hit publish...SO:
    What a lovely metal void screen. The plants are pretty darn nice as well. I'm fascinated by your closeups of the thready Hesperaloe(?)

  6. thanks, you make me see this garden in a whole new way . . . . . AZ


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