Two 'Fourth of July's
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Back in spring I found two seedling red Impatiens in the garden, and thought that one on either side of the gate would be a nice accent.  It has taken until now for them to be visible; the taller, exuberant Dahlias hid them from view.  Better late than never.  I also finally got the tuteur painted lavender-blue, to link with the color of 'Perle d'Azur' Clematis and 'Rozanne'.  I'm not sure the color coordination comes across in the photo--it does, in person.
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From about now until the end of winter, gardening activity is determined by the amount of space available in our pair of green waste bins.  I compost as much material as possible, but woody stems and anything mildewed or rusted goes into the bins.  I'm pulling out spent Gaillardias, old Hemerocallis foliage, dead Dodonea branches, Cercis seedlings (still),  dried Salvia stems, and so forth.  Once the bins are full, I must wait until trash day pickup to continue clean up.  The perennial and annual clean up will be completed and then rose pruning will begin.  It's easy to be out there all day in late fall and winter.

Lots of paired flowers out in the garden lately.  
Two of 'Young Lycidas'
 photo a1857_zpsef119991.jpg
Two 'Firefighter's
 photo a1866_zps7029395a.jpg
Two 'Perle d'Azur', one in focus.
 photo a1860_zpsd1938bf0.jpg
Two of Salvia  'Hot Lips'
 photo a1760_zps1147fc42.jpg
Two stares
 photo a1845_zps9a5fcaf2.jpg

 photo a1313_zpsb1688809.jpg



  1. All great but the best pair is the last two pics :)

  2. I have the same bin problem as you do at this time of year. That is a lovely long shot of the tuteur with the path and the Rozanne Geraniums in front of it.

    1. Thank you Alison, I've been trying to make that into an "axial view' like real gardeners have. Getting there, slowly...

  3. Ha there is that white staring beauty again, really adorable. Nevertheless, I like your plants too, haha, beautiful Firefighter roses and the two coloured Fourth of July's are gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Janneke. I have no doubt Snarf does some staring, too. :^)


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