Sunday Pretty

A male Anna's (guessing) Hummingbird perched on a thread leaf Acacia
 photo a1397_zps736e6295.jpg
'The Ambridge Rose' at sunrise.
 photo a1368_zpsb31ba57b.jpg
Arctotis 'Cherry Frost'
 photo a1408_zps4a2d085d.jpg
Fountain backed with Anigozanthos
 photo a1416_zps055b1e39.jpg
Palo Verde 'Desert Museum'
 photo a1425_zps2d8bd5a8.jpg

 photo a1424_zps7f6f1ccf.jpg
Dasylirion dewed up, lit up.
 photo a1352_zps2fdad36c.jpg
A tree Aloe
 photo a1438_zpsd6a59449.jpg
Cassia bicapsulares
 photo a1430_zpsec946d35.jpg
Because your Sunday should be pretty.


  1. My Sunday is indeed pretty with such a wonderful sunny photos. I am surprised to see a beautiful hummingbird which we don't have, a very pretty fountain, the gorgeous Ambridge rose and so many beautiful (sub)tropical plants. Thank you for sharing this, so we can enjoy this too in our grey, cold and rainy country at this time of year.

    1. Nice to see the sun on a grey day, if only in photos.

  2. My Sunday is prettier than the last two weeks have been, but your pretty Sunday is even prettier! Are all these shots taken in your garden?

    1. A few are, and the rest at the garden center where I was buying plants (Shhh!).

  3. I want to come and sit in your garden. ;o)

  4. That rose picture is incredible! Actually, they're all incredible! Where ever they were taken, I wish I were there. :o)


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