The Usual Autumn Activities

Cleaning up various plants that bloomed all summer and are now bedraggled.  Moving some stones to the front slope, to act as stepping stones.  Planting as many new acquisitions as possible.  Trying not to buy too much.  We went to a California native plant talk on Saturday;  I won a Dudleya hassei.  Nice, eh?  It looks like a sea anenome cluster.  I planted it next to a chunk of grey stone.
 photo agav1451_zpsa879bda4.jpg
I've been looking for an Agave ovatifolia for quite a while, and found one Saturday after the plant talk.  Agave ovatifolia can grow fast, so I bought the smallest one they had.  Last year I bought a 4" Agave labeled as ovatifolia, but, it having doubled in size, appears to be a 'Dragon Toes'.  Careful there, Natasha!
 photo agav1448_zps24a2dcb2.jpg
On the way home from the plant talk we had lunch at a restaurant with steel Agave screens.  Steel Agaves would look so cool on my empty entry wall...
 photo agav1445_zpsdc64dd42.jpg

 photo agav1444_zpsb49f9443.jpg
Then home to the garden.  While I play with plants, the puppies keep watch for the neighbor's cat.
 photo agav1515_zps8f5e481d.jpg
It's so dry here the neighbor's Crassula are withering.  They will plump up again if we get some rain.
 photo agav1495_zps3b917608.jpg
Unlike the neighbors Crassulas, 'Mrs. B. R. Cant' gets water.
 photo agav1493_zpsc147fc15.jpg
Besides the Agave, I bought a second Buxus sempervivens 'Variegata' (30% off!) to go with the one I've had for years.  I love that Boxwood.  I planted and gave the first one an irrigation dripper about 2006 and have not touched it since except to admire.  It grows about 5" a year and looks as pristine as the day I planted it.  What would I do all day if all plants were that beautiful and that effortless?  Buy more and wonder where to put them, I guess.
 photo pot1330_zpsa18a1500.jpg
The new one is at the bottom of the photo:
 photo agav1482_zps6c2e4152.jpg
New baby gets a drink.
 photo agav1485_zps9e69b6a3.jpg
Back out front I paused and thought about what a horrible mess this is.  Not visually--but to someday remove.  The thing will be a nightmare.  Agave augustifolia has created a big clump and merged with several A. desmetianas and three A. strictas.  Along with Senecio vitalis and Oscularia deltoides.  But today it looks good...
 photo agav1473_zps803a95e4.jpg
I put some rocks at the top of the slope to act as stepping stones so I could plant a Crassula arborescens below that Alluaudia.  The stones look small but the weights came in at 60 lbs each, so they are not that small.  It was hard to move them.  I had to roll and flip them along because they were too heavy to carry.
 photo agav1457_zps046b4bc0.jpg
Another part of the slope looks good in warm afternoon light.
 photo agav1472_zps6ca40191.jpg
There's another rock, but it was so heavy I could not get it up the slope, even by rolling or flipping.  It must weigh at least 80 lbs.  That's a newly planted subspecies of Agave horrida next to it.  
 photo agav1458_zps2d11e1fb.jpg
Still on kitty watch...
 photo agav1478_zps65bdf45c.jpg
The roses are having a great autumn.  'Ebb Tide'.
 photo agav1480_zps31e4edf5.jpg
One rose I moved this spring, 'Marie Daly', having just survived in a terrible spot without sun or irrigation for nine or ten years, has recovered and done beautifully.  You just never know what will survive, do you?  There's 'Marie', on the left:
 photo a1355_zpsab2d2cbf.jpg
She's laughing at me.  "Ha-ha-ha!  You could not kill me!"  No, I could not, and I am glad.
 photo a1363_zps6a02224a.jpg
The Sweet Peas are growing, but not fast.  The 'Royal Mix' germinated close to 100%.
 photo a1345_zps94f3c5ba.jpg
The "Early Mix" only germinated about 30%.
 photo a1361_zpsb1ae1436.jpg
I walk back and forth past the koi pond as I garden, and they beg at me for food.
 photo a1344_zps8c36d12e.jpg
That's what I've been up to.   A lot of disorganized and somewhat random effort.  Are you organized in your gardening activities?  Likely more than I am.  I envy you. 


  1. Usually I try to stay pretty organized, but right now I am not at all. I do short, random chores when the weather and my back let me. Your roses are so beautiful, and your dogs, as usual, are just full of character.

    1. The dogs are full of something, I guess "character" is a way to describe it. I hope your back heals up properly. Rest is often the best medicine. Hurt my hip badly last year but it's fine again--hope you get the same good results.

  2. I almost always approach garden tasks randomly. Sometimes I'm focused, but usually the chores are tackled on a whim. Pretty much everything gets done though. (Making lists is often too overwhelming for me.)

    Can't argue with your results, so "disorganized" seems to be working for you. :)

    1. Nice to know I'm not the only random gardener! Random seems to be working great for your garden as well!

  3. Noooo, I am afraid not to be organized in garden activities at all. Certainly this autumn with storms it is a mess. Your garden looks so wonderful, the subtropical plants, like different agaves, crassulas in combination with roses. I like it very much, but most adorable are your puppies kitty watching.

    1. The puppies are the stars here, even the roses don't quite compare.

  4. This recitation of gardening efforts doesn't sound disorganized to me at all. Some days are just for smaller tasks, rather than mighty projects. Speaking of mighty projects, those stones sound like they'd comprise one each. I love that planting of agaves, senecio and oscularia: it's positively lush!

    1. I think my days of smaller tasks are a way of avoiding the mighty stuff!


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