What Is Your Best New Plant For 2013?

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What is your best new plant of the year 2013?  The one you got this spring, or last fall, that has amazed you with performance, beauty--even, perhaps, ease.  Here the award goes to Salvia 'Wendy's Wish', which arrived blooming, and is still blooming.  The hummingbirds love it, as do I.  A hard pruning a few weeks ago, and Wendy is refreshed and compact again, and blooming, blooming.
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The Trachelium caeruleum I got last year did nothing last year.  A bit of it survived and did great this year, in full shade.  A runner up.  
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Some super roses, but--they are always super. 
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Best old plant of 2013, this Camellia, back from the dead.  I was forced to cut it to the ground in 2012 while redoing one section of the garden.  I expected it would die.  Nope.  All better! 
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My hope for Best New Plant of 2014?  We'll see how Azara microphylla does here.  I'm taking out the old-beyond-their-years Dodoneas and replacing them with the Pittosporum 'Tasman Ruffles' that are in too much shade.  The Azaras will go where the Pittos were.  Musical plants.  
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So, what is your New Plant of the Year?  Your Old Plant?  Do tell!


  1. Neither of your standout plants are hardy here. :-( They're beautiful though.

  2. Beautiful pictures of your Best Plants! My best plants of the year were my Delphiniums in their glory days, but these are always my best plants. My best new plants of this year were my self sown Coleus varieties. O no, my new rose "Heathcliff" was my very best new rose of the year!
    Enjoy your weekend.

    1. I love Delphiniums. I wish they were not just rather sickly annuals here. 'Heathcliff', I must look that one up. You have many beautiful roses.

  3. Isn't that a little like asking which is your favorite child? With the expansion of our back border and the creation of new beds in the side yard, I've bought a lot of plants since last fall. Long-term performance may shift my POV but, at present, I'd say Coprosma repens 'Plum Hussy' has the lead with Prostanthera ovalifolia 'Variegata' a close 2nd. The recent purchases in the running for 2014 would probably be Agonis flexuosa 'Nana', Phormium 'Dark Delight', and Phormium 'Renegade'.

    1. 'Plum Hussy', have not seen that one. Must look these plants up. I have seen the Agonis, not the others.

  4. My best new plant this year is Melianthus major 'Antonow's Blue'. Its silvery blue foliage is even more compelling than the M. major 'Purple Haze' that was formerly there, and it looks fabulous with bamboo and Tetrapanax leaves. Now I'm off to look up your Trachelium caeruleum - it's gorgeous!

    1. Hmmm, this post was a bad idea, all these new intriguing plants you all have mentioned...too tempting!


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