A Commercial Property's Dry Garden

Drought-tolerant commercial planting photo anolawn2469_zps12efe79c.jpg
Rather than a lawn, this property went for a clumping-grass scheme.  Prostrate rosemary in the parkway strip, Muhlenbergia rigens (Deer grass) and Phormium in the main section backed with dark-leaved shrubs and Lophostemon confertus, a drought-tolerant tree from Australia.  The Muhlenbergia is native to parts of California and the American southwest. 
Drought-tolerant commercial planting photo anolawn2470_zps96ce5b4c.jpg
The grid of Muhlenbergia makes a striking mass planting.   
Drought-tolerant commercial planting photo anolawn2471_zpsea4bedbe.jpgThis design likely uses far less water than a conventional lawn, and fossil fuel use is limited to a once-annual cut back of the Deer Grass.  Bravo! 


  1. I think most grasses -- even weedy thin ones -- make really nice mass plantings. :)

    1. Or the big lavish grasses in your garden, Alan!

  2. Love seeing people choose alternatives to lawn! And so much more interesting to look at.

  3. It looks great, I love the colours and textures of decorative grasses.
    xoxoxo ♡


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