Flowers To Ponder While Stump Digging

Rosa 'French Lace'
Rosa 'French Lace' photo blue2556_zps010fb37c.jpg
I got the four Abelia stumps out.  Owwww.  
stumps photo blue2499_zpsfc1c7d1a.jpg
However there is visual consolation.  Aloe hardyi:
Aloe hardyi photo blue2545_zps8b2960c2.jpg
Rosa 'Molineux' photo blue2548_zps95729fe9.jpg  
The autumn blooming Aloe arborescens is finishing up.
Aloe arborescens bloom remnents photo blue2534_zps52a72582.jpg
 Aloe vanbalenii will succeed it as the splash of yellow in that corner.
Aloe vanbalenii photo blue2517_zpsc260d7c2.jpg
Aloe capitata.  I'm obsessed!  
Aloe capitata photo blue2532_zps56294985.jpg 
Those little mops have nearly usurped, as favorites, 
Aloe capitata photo blue2513_zps72f64972.jpg 
...the grand flowers of A. ferox...
Aloe ferox photo blue2493_zps4d4fd653.jpg 
...and A. marlothii, both just emerging.
Aloe marlothii photo blue2490_zps63255d23.jpg

Aloe marlothii & Aloe ferox photo blue2496_zps4b05829b.jpg
It's been so warm we had to have the windows open all night Christmas eve, because it was hot in the house.  The warmth has made the new 'Ascot' rose leaf out quickly.
Rosa 'Ascot' photo blue2489_zpsf05ea18c.jpg
Surprise!  A rare offset from one of the 'Blue Glow' Agaves. 
'Blue Glow' offset photo blue2504_zps0200b678.jpg 
Speaking of  'Blue Glow', the first seed-leaves have emerged!
'Blue Glow' seedlings photo blue2488_zpsf08bacdc.jpg 


  1. I don't know that rose French Lace, it is gorgeous. And those aloes are lovely.
    I wish you' d come and get some of my stumps out. However many I get rid of there are always more to be done. Stumps! The bane of my life.

  2. So wonderful to see your rose and aloe flowers. Glad to hear you got those stumps out. Your little Agave babies are such cutie-pies.

  3. Such fun to see the first seed-leaves of the 'Blue Glow' and great the job has been done with the Abelia stumps. I admire you for your really stunning pictures, so beautiful. Your rose French Lace is a lovely beauty too!

  4. I'm so impressed by your success in sprouting 'Blue Glow' seeds, as well as your diligence in tackling stumps! (I'm afraid I always call for my husband's help on stumps.) I hope you're enjoying our unseasonably warm weather. I'm off to tackle my rose bushes.

    1. I'm amazed the seeds sprouted, absolutely amazed. Now I am terrified I will kill them. It's always something...

      Good luck with the roses!

  5. Seeing seeds sprout is always a thrill. :o) Love those roses! Mine are dormant sticks.

    1. Seeds: the agony and the ecstasy, the agony and the ecstasy.


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