I Got Some Tulips Planted: Friday Miscellany

Boris howls.
 photo boris2090_zps4e9f2ff6.jpg
Natasha naps.  She can sleep like this:
 photo boris2085_zpsc67fc54d.jpg
Boris howls...
 photo boris2088_zps7345434a.jpg
...because he likes to howl...
 photo boris2087_zps8c8c1124.jpg
...and howl.  When he howls, his tongue does weird things.
 photo boris2089_zpsdfba8c0c.jpg
Natasha, on the other hand, naps.
 photo anap02013_zps37953a11.jpg
My neighbor has Papayas.  
 photo unk2066_zps1fd58bdf.jpg
Quite ornamental, Papayas. 
 photo unk2064_zps4326c15a.jpg
They will produce fruit here.  
 photo unk2063_zpsd543cd68.jpg 
The flowers have a sweet fragrance.
 photo unk2065_zpsd66b0b79.jpg
How tall is that 'Blue Glow' stalk again?
 photo anap2035_zps328e90e0.jpg
The Dodoneas are gone.  I got my mow-blow guy to dig out the stumps.  
 photo anap2023_zps35a7fc15.jpg
He left a pretty big mess, but that's fine.  He did the hard part, and in three hours. 
 photo anap2020_zps286f9f0c.jpg
 It would have taken me three weeks.  There are a few roots left, but I can manage those.  
 photo anap2021_zps43f865ee.jpg
Aloe capitata looks great.  The mow-blow guy didn't damage it dragging stumps down the slope, right by that beautiful Aloe.  The stumps are gone.  I'm happy.
 photo anap2027_zps279f67b0.jpg  
I went to a holiday party yesterday, so couldn't garden, but did get fifteen tulip bulbs planted.  They are up against the north side of the raised bed to shade the pots a bit--to keep the soil a bit cooler.  Tulips are very iffy here.  I chilled the bulbs for two months in the refrigerator.  Likely the day the flowers open, it will be 100 F (37 C), and at that temperature, tulip flowers will droop and fall apart within fifteen minutes.  I thought I'd try anyway.  At least we'll be sure of a 100 F February day that way.  
 photo tulip2083_zps61f56283.jpg 



  1. Maybe I'll come visit for the February bloom time. And the warmth And the napping, howling puppies. And whatever replaces the Dodoneas. You make it all sound good!

    1. Second week of April is prime time here. We are going to have a very, very, very rainy February. I have it all planned.

  2. These dogs are so lovely, the howling one has such a frolic look. Your neighbour's Papaya tree is beautiful and I wish you luck with your tulips.

    1. Thank you Janneke, I do hope I get a tulip flower or two. They are so beautiful.


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