It's Winter! Time To Get To Work

 photo a2272_zps392eb243.jpg
Here, winter is a flurry not of snow, but of garden work.
A few plants are sleeping.
 photo a2265_zpsbcdfa7a3.jpg

 photo a2305_zpseca7ee60.jpg
Some are drowsy.
 photo a2224_zps2ef6044f.jpg
Most are wide awake.  The native oaks are growing.
 photo a2284_zps4390a89c.jpg
The Agaves are, too. 
 photo a2253_zpsc4f23a8d.jpg
Aeoniums are blooming.
 photo a2318_zps030c86f1.jpg
I'm cleaning up the non-rose plants as fast as I can.  Eleven days from now, it will be time to start cutting back the roses.
 photo a2220_zpsa488785d.jpg
The east slope is mostly cleared.  Mr. Mow-n-Blow is going to dig out the Abelias.  I liked the Abelias--the bees and hummingbirds did, too--but the slope is going succulent.  The Abelias need more water, and they were also too large for the space.  Nearly the last remnant of the original plantings will be gone.
 photo a2227_zpsf5eddb2e.jpg
Looking back the other way...
 photo a2233_zps35eb7eac.jpg
Despite the season, the garden is rich with small beauties.  They make all the work seem manageable. 
 photo a2324_zps2ffd0338.jpg
 photo a2343_zps97ed380e.jpg

 photo a2352_zps5bfa8861.jpg
I check this orange every day.  It will be ripe soon.
 photo a2368_zps27e510aa.jpg
There will be lettuce, too.
 photo a2373_zpsc24fc787.jpg
A few Clematis continue to amaze.
 photo a2376_zpsc441acfc.jpg
The Drakensburg Daisy apparently likes to work in winter, too.
 photo a2379_zpsfc1e0f2c.jpg
Daisy-white provides winter white.
 photo a2382_zps4e862fe5.jpg
Little umbrellas against the rain?  Rain, please come!
 photo a2383_zps6300e881.jpg
Are you going to throw that tennis ball, or what?
 photo a2387_zps48cb5e4c.jpg
Winter means Spring is next.
 photo a2280_zps1612173f.jpg


  1. Thanks for your always interesting post over the last year Hoover. I wish you a merry christmas and fantastic 2014.

    1. Thank you Marijke. The same wishes to you!

  2. What a great visit to your garden this was, I enjoyed it. That slope will look wonderful full of succulents when you're done with it. IS that fourth picture from the top a Euphorbia obesa? I am hoping for a couple of dry, above-freezing days during Christmas week to spend out in the garden doing some cleaning up and sorting out. The little moments of beauty that you come across do make it worth the hard work.

    1. Not obesa. It's a Euphorbia..something. I'll have to look it up. I hope you get a few sunny days. The storms should skip your area and come straight down here, loaded with rain...

    2. Found it. Euphorbia anoplia. Very easy to grow!

  3. Wonderful to see the different climates all over the world. You are busy in the garden and have still a lot of flowers. Here it is wet, gloomy and the gardens look sad this time of year, we even don't have snow. As always love seeing your dogs on your blogposts, this one is again so adorable. I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

    1. A very Merry Christmas to you, Janneke!

  4. Quite nice to do garden work right now! And to think I was just celebrating our monthly sprinkle of rain and flurries of snow on Saturday... Glad there's agaves and cacti!

    1. Wishing you lots of lovely gentle rain this winter!


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