Timing not bad for this photo:
 photo a2112_zps488c005c.jpg
Sitting through "The Desolation Of Smaug" over the weekend prompted me to think about timing.  Guillermo del Toro was originally set to direct, but because of extended delays, he had to bow out.  The timing wasn't right.  Too bad. 
 photo a02209_zpsfc9dc80d.jpg
Timing is also a big issue in the garden.  Access behind some roses is required to paint the wrought iron panels on the front of the house, and for that, the offending roses must be cut back.  The roses do get cut back, but there is always so much else to do in the winter garden I never get around to the iron.  Hence I was mortified by the photo of them last week.  Hence I was motivated to get out there and paint them.  One down, three to go.  
I'm also trying to clear out the east slope below where the Dodoneas used to be, before it's time to start rose pruning.   
 photo a2141_zps4e2ad640.jpg
Need to get rid of the Ribes, too.  Waiting for green waste bin space.
 photo a2142_zps742a96f1.jpg
And some of the Parthenocissus tricuspidata needs to be pulled off the garden walls.
 photo a2148_zps88b927a9.jpg
And Pittosporums to move,
 photo a2055_zpsc9d445b7.jpg
because I have a roof to re-obscure.
 photo a2046_zps3738aa61.jpg
But the days are short now.  I work until moon rise.
 photo a2154_zps03d3a0ff.jpg
Must get to it.
 photo a2145_zps220bbde0.jpg


  1. I have to say that roof you want to obscure is pretty easy on the eye and makes it look like you live in Seville. In ref. to your BD post, no mature aloes in imminent bloom here, but can't wait til my capitata looks like yours. Yowzers!

    1. I love that capitata. I wish it would offset.

  2. Beautiful first photo. My husband and I put in our first garden last fall. Thanks for the continual source of inspiration and enlightenment.


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