A Ghostly Blanket At Sunrise

temperature inversion photo a-28-3154_zps7b1f41bf.jpg
Normally, as one ascends in altitude away from the earth, temperatures drop.  In a temperature inversion, a layer of warmer air is perched atop a cooler one.  Here cold fog has slipped under a layer of warmer air, creating a ghostly blanket upon the land. 
temperature inversion photo a-28-3155_zpscacf9647.jpg

temperature inversion photo 1-28-3152_zps26102acb.jpg


  1. So very beautiful and every day is different, nature is great! (cannot find another English word at this moment, haha)

  2. You've captured that effect beautifully. Sitting 700+ feet above the LA harbor, we often wake up to a layer of fog covering the harbor while the sun shines on our backyard - the shipping cranes sometimes stick partially above the fog layer like the heads of prehistoric dinosaurs.

  3. Nature creates some pretty amazing photo-ops.


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