Bloom Day January 2014

 photo a-blum-2856_zpseb97027c.jpg
Mediterranean plants are the stars on this miserably hot (86F/30C), arid (5% relative humidity) Ides of January.  The strange and dainty flowers of Grevillea 'Coastal Gem', from Australia, are perfectly happy despite the blistering heat. 
 photo a-blum-2895_zps455b550f.jpg
From South Africa, Arctotis 'Burgundy' is a bit stressed by the heat, but still showy.
 photo a-blum-2893_zps561c24ef.jpg
Also from South Africa, Aloe hardyi, which in nature hangs from shaded vertical cliff faces, is happy enough on my sunny south slope.
 photo a-blum-2887_zps07315e6d.jpg
Another South African Aloe, A. marlothii, is about to open its first flowers of the year.  
 photo a-blum-2876_zps9d632562.jpg
Lately I've posted several shots of Morocco Daisy, Rhodanthemum hosmariense.  It takes the summer and fall off, blooming for most of winter and spring.  
 photo a-blum-2874_zps6e698478.jpg 
Unfortunately our winter thus far has been grim--no rain.  The golden hills that should be green already are turning grey.  
 photo a-blum-2872_zps141fbed1.jpg
Salvia 'Hot Lips'.
 photo a-blum-2866_zps8a64708d.jpg
Day lilys in January--yes.  Not at their best, but there they are. 
 photo a-blum-2860_zps7610f306.jpg 
A few roses left--most of them are now trimmed back.  This relatively weak grower, 'Comtesse de Provence', amazes with its heat endurance.
 photo a-blum-2855_zpsd1700650.jpg 
The cheerful flowers make us hope rain will yet arrive.  Coleonema pulchellum:
 photo a-blum-2846_zpsa5870d32.jpg  
Happy Bloom Day.  Visit May Dreams Garden Blog (link) for more beautiful flowers.   


  1. It is so strange to see so much still in flower. Love the aloe flower

  2. Rain would be such a blessing right now, especially with the LA Times predicting serious drought and fires chewing up acres to the east. However, your pictures are refreshing even in the midst of the dry heat.

    1. When the weatherman gets excited about the chance of a few clouds late next week, you know it's bad.

  3. Condolences for your drought, but I am brazenly soaking up your sunny warmth as I huddle over my space heater.

    1. Soak away, maybe if enough people do that, it will cool down here. It's 80F at 8 pm in the middle of January.

  4. That Grevillea 'Coastal Gem' is stunning. Wow!

    1. Great little plant, much nicer than I ever expected.

    2. Saw the Houzz article; great job on your house (and garden, garden being very important).

  5. Hoov, the only thing more beautiful than your blooms is your exquisite photography! Great compositions, beautiful light - yum! I wish you rain and would happily send you some of ours!


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