'Climbing Iceberg' Growth Habit; 'Altissimo' Growth Habit

'Climbing Iceberg' has a zig-zag growth habit.  The flexible canes tend to be slender but not quite to the point of twiggyness.  They have very few prickles. 
 photo a-24-3026_zps4ef8d80f.jpg
'Altissimo' has a pillar-like growth habit with plenty of large prickles.  The main canes are stiff and strong, with plentiful large prickles. 
 photo a-24-3025_zpsdb2b86e0.jpg
Green waste bins, full again.
 photo a-24-3037_zpsce2079b7.jpg  


  1. I hope you get some rain soon, so that all those cutback roses can put on some luscious growth this year.

    1. And so the green waste bins will fill up next January!

  2. I just cut back all of the roses (under attack). Oh, for some with "very few prickles".


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